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Red Bull Media House and Turner Broadcasting Preview Joint Technology Solution from Akamai and Adobe Primetime

Aka­mai has inte­grated Adobe Prime­time ad inser­tion capa­bil­i­ties into its net­work in an effort to sim­plify and improve the way online video ads are deliv­ered. The server-side adver­tis­ing offer­ing is designed to com­bine the scale of Akamai’s global CDN with the reach of Adobe Prime­time and its ad inser­tion tech­nol­ogy.

Red Bull Media House and Turner Broad­cast­ing are already in the early stages of tri­al­ing the new solu­tion as part of a tech­nol­ogy pre­view.

The qual­ity of the con­tent Red Bull Media House pro­duces and deliv­ers is intrin­si­cally con­nected to its value,” said Andi Gall CTO, Red Bull Media House. “The col­lab­o­ra­tion with Aka­mai and Adobe sim­pli­fies online video ad deliv­ery, and helps Red Bull Media House effec­tively mon­e­tize its con­tent across plat­forms and devices.”

Aka­mai and Adobe have a his­tory of suc­cess­ful col­lab­o­ra­tion on some of the world’s largest online events to date, includ­ing Super Bowls, the Olympics, World Cup and March Mad­ness among many oth­ers. Hav­ing played crit­i­cal roles in bring­ing online video to ubiq­uity, the com­pa­nies are now lever­ag­ing their col­lec­tive expe­ri­ence and exper­tise to help sim­plify adver­tis­ing across devices and plat­forms.

Server-side ad inser­tion, in which adver­tise­ments are stitched into con­tent at the net­work level, is intended to offer numer­ous ben­e­fits to adver­tis­ers, con­tent providers and con­sumers, includ­ing:

  • Mon­e­ti­za­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties of TV con­tent on any screen, in any for­mat, with any ad deci­sion tech­nol­ogy
  • Reli­a­bil­ity and lim­it­less scale for lin­ear broad­cast-size tele­vi­sion audi­ences
  • Increased device reach with faster time to mar­ket
  • Improved view­ing expe­ri­ences and resiliency to ad block­ing
  • Enhanced oper­a­tional vis­i­bil­ity thru ana­lyt­ics

Read the offi­cial announce­ment here to learn about these ben­e­fits in more detail.


Sony and Adobe Partnership Powers a Revolutionary Multi-Platform TV Viewing Experience

Today, Sony announced the excit­ing details of a new “Always On” expe­ri­ence for Sony Crackle that will take advan­tage of Adobe Primetime’s audi­ence-based sell­ing capa­bil­i­ties across IP-con­nected screens and tight inte­gra­tion with other prod­ucts in the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, such as Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager and Adobe Ana­lyt­ics.

Sony Crackle is a multi-plat­form video enter­tain­ment net­work that streams full-length Hol­ly­wood movies, TV shows and orig­i­nal web shows to view­ers for free. Its inno­v­a­tive new design com­bi­nes the curated expe­ri­ence of on-demand stream­ing with the sim­plic­ity of an “Always On” pro­grammed TV expe­ri­ence. As soon as a viewer launches the new Crackle, a sched­uled pro­gram will imme­di­ately begin play­ing. Con­sumers can watch what’s cur­rently play­ing or browse for some­thing that suits them even bet­ter in the newly cre­ated chan­nel guide.

Sony Crackle’s hybrid pro­grammed and on-demand expe­ri­ence is rev­o­lu­tion­ary. Most TV view­ing expe­ri­ences focus on either a really good on-demand expe­ri­ence or a really good pro­grammed expe­ri­ence. Crackle has struck a unique bal­ance between the two expe­ri­ences. Its new “Always On” expe­ri­ence will roll out exclu­sively on the Roku plat­form in May and expand to cover a vari­ety of other plat­forms through­out the sum­mer. The ser­vice comes at a time when over-the-top (OTT) video con­sump­tion is surg­ing. Pre­mium video view­ing on OTT devices has increased 350 per­cent year-over-year. And OTT devices and game con­soles are the fast­ing grow­ing TV Every­where plat­forms. (LINK)

Sony has part­nered with Adobe to power key aspects of Sony Crackle’s play­back, per­son­al­iza­tion and ad mea­sure­ment. The Prime­time TV SDK will ensure HD con­tent play­back, seam­less tran­si­tions between con­tent and ads across all pro­grammed and on-demand streams, and scal­a­bil­ity across plat­forms begin­ning with Roku. The inte­gra­tion between Adobe Prime­time and Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager will help Sony refine audi­ence seg­men­ta­tion, reduce ad impres­sion waste by 40–50% and serve con­tent that is based on the viewer’s inter­est. The inte­gra­tion between Adobe Prime­time and Adobe Ana­lyt­ics will be used to mea­sure ads con­sis­tently beyond the desk­top and across all plat­forms. Over­all, the tech­nol­ogy is in place for a multi-plat­form TV view­ing expe­ri­ence that view­ers want to spend time with, that adver­tis­ers want to adver­tise on, and that dri­ves effec­tive mon­e­ti­za­tion for Adobe.

The Adobe Prime­time team is espe­cially excited about the pos­i­tive impact this part­ner­ship will have on view­ers and adver­tis­ers. View­ers will get a free, tar­geted, per­son­al­ized “Always On” view­ing expe­ri­ence to enjoy TV con­tent wherever, when­ever they want while Sony’s refined audi­ence seg­ments will help adver­tis­ers reach the speci­fic audi­ences that will ele­vate their cam­paign suc­cess.

Read the offi­cial announce­ment here.

Major League Baseball and “Over-The-Top” Content Providers Adopt Adobe Primetime

Next week at the National Asso­ci­a­tion of Broad­cast­ers (NAB) Show, Adobe is show­cas­ing the lat­est inno­va­tions in Adobe Prime­time and Cre­ative Cloud video tools. Adobe Prime­time is unveil­ing enhance­ments in video deliv­ery, mon­e­ti­za­tion and per­son­al­iza­tion to enable new over-the-top (OTT) busi­ness mod­els for con­tent own­ers, pro­gram­mers and pay-TV providers.

Advanc­ing TV deliv­ery and mon­e­ti­za­tion — Launch video- up to four times faster!

The lat­est ver­sion of Adobe Prime­time helps broad­cast­ers and pay-TV providers scale video deliv­ery across screens with closed cap­tion­ing, robust con­tent pro­tec­tion, and ad inser­tion instantly across TV apps and oper­at­ing sys­tems. The plat­form can now authen­ti­cate 2.25 mil­lion view­ers per min­ute, three times more than just a year ago, and deliver dra­matic per­for­mance improve­ments with videos launch­ing instantly — up to four times faster than before. Addi­tion­ally, Adobe Prime­time now sup­ports all major third-party dig­i­tal rights man­age­ment (DRM) tech­nolo­gies to address the chal­lenge of con­tent pro­tec­tion in closed play­back envi­ron­ments.

Inno­v­a­tive OTT pro­gram­ming — Part­ner­ing with MLBAM and Turner Broad­cast­ing

Adobe is part­ner­ing with ser­vice solu­tion providers, includ­ing indus­try pio­neer MLBAM, to offer inno­v­a­tive OTT pro­gram­ming for live, lin­ear and video-on-demand ser­vices across TVs and screens every­where. MLBAM achieved its pio­neer sta­tus by releas­ing the Internet’s first OTT pro­duct in 2002, MLB.TV, which is now deliv­er­ing a record num­ber of streams. Today, MLBAM pro­vides every­thing from vast back­end infra­struc­ture to the devel­op­ment and oper­a­tional man­age­ment of cus­tom, multi-plat­form appli­ca­tions. Sev­eral of MLBAM’s sports, news and enter­tain­ment part­ners have intro­duced their first direct-to-con­sumer TV apps lever­ag­ing Adobe Prime­time tech­nolo­gies. Adobe is also work­ing with MLBAM to power live stream­ing of the Major League Base­ball sea­son, pro­vid­ing play­back and deliv­ery capa­bil­i­ties for all games. Addi­tion­ally, Turner Broad­cast­ing is using Adobe Prime­time for ad inser­tion on Apple TV and other OTT devices.

Joe Inz­er­illo, exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent and CTO at MLBAM says, “Since MLB.TV was born as the internet’s first OTT pro­duct 13 years ago, we have remained focused on build­ing reli­able, highly engag­ing live TV view­ing expe­ri­ences at true broad­cast scale. Adobe Prime­time, with its sup­port for DRM, the indus­try-stan­dard authen­ti­ca­tion capa­bil­ity and robust HD video play­back allows us to offer con­sis­tent video expe­ri­ences across more than 400 devices, includ­ing the lat­est breed of OTT prod­ucts.”

We’re excited to be work­ing with lead­ers like MLBAM and Turner Broad­cast­ing to deliver a rapid pace of inno­va­tion in video deliv­ery, mon­e­ti­za­tion and per­son­al­iza­tion. We hope to see you at the NAB Show next week!

Adobe Primetime’s Audience-Based Selling Advantage

Audi­ence-based sell­ing is one of the next log­i­cal steps for broad­cast­ers, cable net­works, and pay-TV providers that are deliv­er­ing TV across IP-con­nected screens. To empower audi­ence-based sell­ing, we’re con­tin­u­ously expand­ing Adobe Primetime’s capa­bil­i­ties in this area and strength­en­ing its inte­gra­tion with other Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud prod­ucts includ­ing Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager and Adobe Ana­lyt­ics

Here’s a recap of some of our lat­est pro­duct devel­op­ments:

Audi­ence-based fore­cast­ing, tar­get­ing and report­ing — Adobe Prime­time helps TV providers expand beyond using con­tent as a proxy for audi­ence with an audi­ence-cen­tric approach to ad mon­e­ti­za­tion. Our lat­est fea­tures make it easy to fore­cast, tar­get and report on any com­bi­na­tion of audi­ence seg­ment, device, key value, con­tent, site, time, and more. These capa­bil­i­ties, which no other solu­tion can match, help TV providers increase the value of their inven­tory.

Inte­gra­tion with audi­ence cre­ation and audi­ence man­age­ment tools — The Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud is empow­er­ing TV providers to define and sell the audi­ences that adver­tis­ers want to buy. TV providers can man­age their audi­ences in any Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud pro­duct like Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager or Adobe Ana­lyt­ics. From there, they can seam­lessly import and use their audi­ences in Adobe Prime­time. Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager offers full data man­age­ment capa­bil­i­ties, includ­ing buy­ing data from third par­ties and ingest­ing audi­ences, all of which can be part of the audi­ence sell­ing processes through Adobe Prime­time.

Cross-device fre­quency cap­ping for authen­ti­cated streams - When a TV providers’ view­ers use the same login cre­den­tials across devices, Adobe Prime­time can iden­tify them as unique and use this infor­ma­tion to improve the viewer expe­ri­ence with device-level and user-level fre­quency cap­ping of ads and ad expe­ri­ences. TV providers can use these fre­quency cap­ping options to reduce the risk of viewer burnout and increase viewer engage­ment.

Mea­sure de-dupli­cated unique users and reach across unique devices - Adobe Prime­time uses cen­sus-based data to help TV providers under­stand the num­ber of devices and de-dupli­cated unique users exposed to any given cam­paign or slice of inven­tory. This gives TV providers the option to share these insights with adver­tis­ers.

These pro­duct devel­op­ments give broad­cast­ers, cable net­works, and pay-TV providers the foun­da­tion they need for audi­ence-based sell­ing.


Writ­ten by Atul Shri­vas­tava, Adobe Prime­time Pro­duct Man­ager, Ad Deci­sion­ing

Adobe Primetime Takes Home Cablefax Tech Award

­Today, we attended the Cable­fax Dig­i­tal, Tech and Trailer Awards break­fast in New York City along with our indus­try cohorts. We’re thrilled to announce that Adobe Prime­time was hon­ored with a Cable­fax Tech Award in the “TV Everywhere/Authentication Sys­tem” cat­e­gory. Cablefax’s Tech Awards rec­og­nize the for­ward-think­ing tech gurus con­tin­u­ally rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing cable tech­nol­ogy with amaz­ing prod­ucts, cam­paigns and part­ner­ships. Thank you to the Cable­fax judges for val­i­dat­ing Adobe Primetime’s work help­ing broad­cast­ers, cable net­works and ser­vice providers cre­ate, deliver and mon­e­tize engag­ing and per­son­al­ized TV expe­ri­ences across screens.

Cable fax 1

Addi­tion­ally, Cable­fax hon­ored indi­vid­u­als named to The Dig­i­tal Hot List 2015, which “rec­og­nizes exec­u­tives shep­herd­ing inno­va­tion and pro­gress in social media, dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion, app devel­op­ment, web con­tent, tech­nol­ogy strat­egy, TV Everywhere/authentication and other cut­ting-edge mul­ti­plat­form projects.” He’s already on Adobe’s hot list, but we’re proud to see our own Jens Loef­fler, prin­ci­pal tech­ni­cal evan­ge­list, acknowl­edged again by Cable­fax for his indus­try achieve­ments via Adobe Prime­time. Con­grats, Jens, and to all of our indus­try col­leagues for this recog­ni­tion!

Cable fax blog pic 2

It’s an excit­ing time for Adobe Prime­time and the indus­try and we’re not slow­ing down. We have some excit­ing solu­tion updates along with cus­tomer and part­ner momen­tum com­ing at The NAB Show (April 13–16) so stay tuned and hope to see you there.

Expanding High Quality Viewing Experiences with MPEG-DASH

The dig­i­tal TV indus­try is embrac­ing MPEG-DASH, or DASH for short, in a big way, and Adobe Prime­time is fully onboard with it. DASH is a stan­dard for over-the-top (OTT) adap­tive bitrate (ABR) deliv­ery of media to any device. It is sim­i­lar to other HTTP deliv­ery specs like HTTP Live Stream­ing (HLS) and HTTP Dynamic Stream­ing (HDS). Pro­po­nents of DASH love it because it’s an open stan­dard, and really flex­i­ble, too. The stan­dard is sup­ported by Adobe and other mem­bers of the DASH Indus­try Forum (DASH-IF), a who’s who of stream­ing video indus­try par­tic­i­pants. We’re proud of being able to con­tribute to the DASH spec­i­fi­ca­tion, as it paves the way for higher-qual­ity con­tent for­mats, like 4K and Ultra HD, to be made avail­able across desk­tops and devices.

Tran­si­tion­ing to DASH

DASH sup­port aligns with a key goal for Adobe Prime­time to help cus­tomers reach all plat­forms and devices with a sin­gle stream from their pub­lish­ing work­flow. At NAB 2014, we announced DASH sup­port within our core video engine layer. We’re work­ing right now with cus­tomers to build DASH imple­men­ta­tions in live pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ments to sup­port mil­lions of con­cur­rent view­ers, with full DRM and ad inser­tion capa­bil­i­ties. Over the course of 2015, we plan to incor­po­rate DASH into all the dif­fer­ent clients we sup­port, with Xbox One and HTML5 player deploy­ments at the top of the list. We’re also excited to include DASH in our lat­est TVS­DKs.

We’re also work­ing to ensure that there is a robust tran­si­tion plan in place for cus­tomers that are inter­ested in DASH. Our DASH sup­port includes work to main­tain the same fea­ture sets and work­flows that cus­tomers have today in the HLS world. This includes main­tain­ing ana­lyt­ics, ad inser­tion and con­sis­tent cap­tion­ing across devices in order to make life eas­ier for cus­tomers as they begin to deploy DASH. There will also be no need to invest in new servers, as the tran­si­tion should mostly involve deploy­ing new soft­ware and mak­ing use of exist­ing equip­ment.

Get­ting More with DASH

Adobe Primetime’s sup­port for DASH is entirely addi­tive. It doesn’t replace any other stan­dards we sup­port. It sim­ply offers more flex­i­bil­ity in how our cus­tomers can approach media deliv­ery.

We fore­see cus­tomers tar­get­ing DASH to some plat­forms and HLS to oth­ers. By sup­port­ing both specs, DASH and HLS, Adobe Prime­time will offer con­sis­tency in fea­tures and work­flows no mat­ter what our cus­tomers choose to use.

What are your plans for DASH? Let us know in the com­ments.

Granting Pay TV Subscribers Broader Access to Content

One key idea behind TV Every­where is that if a cus­tomer has a pay­ing rela­tion­ship with a brand for one type of pre­mium ser­vice, then that brand can reward the cus­tomer with free access to related ser­vices. Typ­i­cally, this idea is used to allow pay TV sub­scribers to use their pay TV cre­den­tials to watch TV for free on con­nected devices.

Yet, the use of pay TV cre­den­tials to extend access to ser­vices can be applied much more broadly to val­i­date access to any inter­net-deliv­ered con­tent. For exam­ple, Rogers Media recently granted free access to the dig­i­tal edi­tions of its Sport­snet Mag­a­zine on Android, iOS and Win­dows 8 devices to all of its Sport­snet ONE, TV Every­where sub­scribers com­ing through either Rogers or Shaw Go. Now, mil­lions of Sport­snet ONE sub­scribers get free Sport­snet Mag­a­zine con­tent on their mobile devices.

Using pay TV cre­den­tials to access Sport­snet Mag­a­zine on an Android device


Grant­ing pay TV sub­scribers access to mag­a­zine con­tent was easy for Rogers Media. It was already using Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite to pro­duce the Sport­snet Mag­a­zine dig­i­tal edi­tions and Adobe Prime­time to power Sport­snet ONE’s TV Every­where authen­ti­ca­tion. So, get­ting one login to provide access to its TV and dig­i­tal edi­tions on con­nected devices was a sim­ple inte­gra­tion between the two Adobe solu­tions. Now, when Sport­snet ONE cus­tomers ver­ify them­selves in the Sport­snet Mag­a­zine iOS, Android or Win­dows 8 apps, they’re using Adobe Primetime’s authen­ti­ca­tion capa­bil­i­ties.

Inte­gra­tions like what Rogers Media has done for Sport­snet demon­strate just how flex­i­ble the TV Every­where model can be. Cus­tomers can pay once for access to con­tent across media types and chan­nels. This allows media com­pa­nies to provide a great deal of value to loyal cus­tomers while enabling the flex­i­bil­ity to use alter­nate rev­enue mod­els. For exam­ple, the Sport­snet app earns addi­tional rev­enue by sell­ing indi­vid­ual mag­a­zine issues to non-sub­scribers through an in-app pur­chase.

NBC Universal Wins Emmy Award for TV Everywhere Live Streaming

Adobe Prime­time is thrilled to see NBCU­ni­ver­sal and NBC Sports Group, along with Time Warner Cable and MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), win a Tech­ni­cal & Engi­neer­ing Emmy Award for Pio­neer­ing Mul­ti­plat­form Video Deliv­ery. As view­ers con­tinue to watch live stream­ing sports con­tent through the lat­est game con­soles, OTT, and mobile devices, the abil­ity to quickly deliver and mon­e­tize con­tent on these plat­forms is increas­ingly more impor­tant.

Adobe’s Q3 2014 U.S. Dig­i­tal Video Bench­mark Report found that total online video starts grew 22% YoY and TV Every­where video starts increased 108% YoY and 38% quar­ter over quar­ter (QOQ). That is why these pro­gram­mers and MVPDs deserve this award for their scal­able, reli­able deploy­ments across mul­ti­ple plat­forms. They con­tinue to ensure that their view­ers and sub­scribers get amaz­ing view­ing expe­ri­ences when and where they want. Adobe Prime­time looks for­ward to sup­port­ing more imple­men­ta­tions like these with the most reli­able and flex­i­ble mul­ti­screen deliv­ery and mon­e­ti­za­tion TV plat­form avail­able.



Adobe Primetime 1.4 TVSDK Ready for iOS 8 and Android L

Adobe Prime­time always ensures the great­est reach and cov­er­age across all devices so that oper­a­tors and pro­gram­mers can reach the largest audi­ences with tele­vi­sion and pre­mium movie con­tent. The lat­est Adobe Prime­time 1.4 TVSDK sup­ports supe­rior play­back qual­ity and per­for­mance on devices run­ning on the lat­est Android and iOS oper­at­ing sys­tems, Android L and iOS 8.


Inte­grate Nielsen data to mea­sure audi­ences on iOS and Android:

As you may have heard, Adobe has struck a strate­gic alliance with Nielsen that will provide broad­cast­ers, cable net­works and MVPDs with com­pa­ra­ble met­rics in Adobe Ana­lyt­ics to mea­sure audi­ences accu­rately across IP-con­nected screens, includ­ing desk­tops, smart­phones, tablets, game con­soles, and over-the-top (OTT) devices. As part of the ini­tial phases of this effort, the Nielsen SDK is now avail­able within Adobe Prime­time TVSDK for iOS and Android.

Dynam­i­cally insert ads for a tar­geted ad expe­ri­ence once the C3 win­dow has expired:

With Adobe Primetime’s lat­est TVSDK, new ads can be dynam­i­cally inserted to replace lin­ear ads already baked into a C3/C7 VOD asset.  This reduces the time to deliver engag­ing and rel­e­vant ads online that can be effec­tively mon­e­tized.

Air alter­na­tive con­tent dur­ing black­outs for seam­less view­ing expe­ri­ence:

Adobe Prime­time con­tin­ues to build a robust offer­ing to sup­port regional black­outs. Adobe Primetime’s TVSDK now allows view­ers to watch alter­na­tive pro­gram­ming if there is con­tent that is blacked out in that region for that par­tic­u­lar time frame. Once the black­out has ended, the viewer will return to orig­i­nal sched­uled pro­gram­ming to ensure no dis­rup­tion to their view­ing expe­ri­ence.

 Opti­mized ABR for reduced buffer­ing on Desk­top and Android:

Adobe Prime­time has opti­mized ABR logic within the lat­est TVSDK to reduce buffer­ing and dis­rup­tion while view­ing con­tent. If a viewer is expe­ri­enc­ing buffer­ing dur­ing a par­tic­u­lar vari­ant of ABR, Adobe Primetime’s TVSDK will no longer ramp back up to that vari­ant dur­ing that play­back ses­sion in order to sus­tain viewer engage­ment.

Stay tuned for Adobe Primetime’s deploy­ment across even more devices in the New Year to ensure that we reach the broad­est audi­ence, when­ever and wherever they want to con­sume con­tent.


Rick Wisher is a senior pro­duct man­ager for Adobe Prime­time

Adobe Primetime Takes Home Industry Accolades

As 2014 comes to a close and many of us pre­pare to cel­e­brate the hol­i­days with fam­ily and friends, the Adobe Prime­time team is thank­ful for our cus­tomers and part­ners and all we’ve accom­plished this year. Together, we’ve devel­oped a thriv­ing ecosys­tem to fos­ter the deliv­ery, mea­sure­ment and mon­e­ti­za­tion of TV across con­nected screens. From releas­ing Prime­time 2.0 at The NAB Show to part­ner­ing with Nielsen on Nielsen’s new Dig­i­tal Con­tent Rat­ings, Pow­ered by Adobe, it’s been a land­mark year for us and 2015 is look­ing even brighter.

Today, Adobe Prime­time was hon­ored at Stream­ing Media West with four Stream­ing Media Read­ers’ Choice Awards in the fol­low­ing cat­e­gories:

  • Closed Cap­tion­ing Solu­tion
  • DRM/Access Con­trol Solu­tion
  • Media & Enter­tain­ment Video Plat­form
  • Report­ing & Ana­lyt­ics Plat­form

Addi­tion­ally, Adobe Pre­miere Pro CC won in the “Desk­top Video Edit­ing Soft­ware” cat­e­gory.

Adobe's Art Mimnaugh accepts a Streaming Media Readers' Choice Award for Adobe Primetime from Streaming Media's Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Adobe’s Art Mim­naugh (left) accepts a Stream­ing Media Read­ers’ Choice Award for Adobe Prime­time from Stream­ing Media’s Eric Schu­macher-Ras­mussen

SM Awards

With more than 34,000 votes cast across 31 cat­e­gories, this indus­try recog­ni­tion is spe­cial because it came from those who mat­ter the most – you. As read­ers of and Stream­ing Media Mag­a­zine, thank you for val­i­dat­ing the hard work of the Adobe Prime­time team. We’re hum­bled to be hon­ored alongside so many key play­ers in the indus­try.

Last week, Adobe Prime­time received a Fierce Inno­va­tion Award (Tele­com Edi­tion) in the “Multi Screen” cat­e­gory. A panel of judges eval­u­ated sub­mis­sions based on the fol­low­ing cri­te­ria: tech­nol­ogy inno­va­tion, finan­cial impact, mar­ket val­i­da­tion and end-user cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. Adobe Prime­time also received hon­or­able men­tions at the Cynop­sis Dig­i­tal Model D Awards in the “Dig­i­tal Video Ad Plat­form” and “Dig­i­tal Video Tech­nol­ogy Plat­form” cat­e­gories.

PT Awards

Stay tuned for more updates com­ing soon. From all of us on the Adobe Prime­time team, happy hol­i­days!