Cannot take Adobe Captivate Quiz that is embedded in PPT published to Connect Server

(TechNote) If you embed Adobe Captivate content that contains a quiz into PowerPoint and then publish to Connect Server, a user will not be able to attempt the Adobe Captivate quiz. The question slide of the Adobe Captivate quiz will display “You did not answer this question completely” and all controls that are part of the quiz, such as the radio buttons and the submit buttons, are disabled.

“By Slides” report for published Adobe Captivate content does not report first slide

(TechNote) When publishing Adobe Captivate content to Connect Server using Adobe Captivate version 1.01 build 1418, the “By Slides” report will not record the first slide. For example, if you have 25 slides in your Adobe Captivate project, the “By Slides” report will only show slides 1-24.

Relevant Slide link does not take you directly to the Adobe Captivate content slide

(TechNote) The Relevant Slide(s) links that return after you search keywords using the Search Content feature in Connect Manager will not take you directly to the slide that contains the keyword in an Adobe Captivate presentation. The Adobe Captivate content will play all slides regardless.

Connect user account deleted when removing the user from a group

(TechNote) If the following steps are taken when removing a user from a group, the user is instead completely deleted from Connect:

Breeze Online help documentation does not include information on how to add existing users to groups through CSV import

(TechNote) Information on how to add existing users to groups through CSV import is missing from the ‘Creating and Managing users and groups’ section of the Breeze online help documentation. You access the online documentation from the Help menu on the Breeze Manager Home page.

Attempting to upgrade the Breeze Meeting add-in fails on Windows 98

(TechNote) Users that are running Windows 98 and have the Breeze Meeting add-in version 7,0,55,312 installed will need to uninstall the existing add-in before upgrading to a new version of the Breeze Meeting add-in.

Remote Edge servers may not work when upgrading to Acrobat Connect Professional

(TechNote) In Acrobat Connect Professional, the way a remote Adobe Connect Edge Server (Edge) communicates with the Acrobat Connect Professional Origin server (Origin) has changed.

The Z-order of overlapping pods are preserved in a Breeze Meeting

(TechNote) Prior to Adobe Connect 6, when you overlapped pods within a Breeze meeting room, switched to a different layout and then returned back to the previous layout, the Z-order of the overlapping pods was not preserved.

Are multiple recordings in one Premiere teleconference session supported?

(TechNote) Are multiple recordings in one Premiere teleconference session supported?

ColdFusion MX 7: Hot fix for “Could not Unlock the Named Lock” error

(Hot fix) The following error may be encountered intermittently:

Could not unlock the named lock YourLockName because no lock by that name is known.

Adobe has released a hot fix for this issue.