Archive for July, 2005

ColdFusion MX 6.1: Hot fix issued for expired certificate on cfform controls

(Hot fix update) Macromedia has created a hot fix to address the expired certificate error with the cfform applets in ColdFusion MX 6.1.

RoboHelp X5 and XML Part 2: Using Handlers to Customize XML Features

(Developer Center) Create your first handler files, which are like scripts, to import and export help topics in XML format.

Updated DataDirect JDBC drivers (version 3.4)

(Hot fix) This TechNote provides updated DataDirect JDBC version 3.4 drivers, which resolve issues in earlier versions of the drivers.

Error: “Unable to create an instance of required object: fileproxy”

(TechNote) After uninstalling Macromedia Homesite, Windows Explorer presents the error “Unable to create an instance of required object: fileproxy” when it is started.

Potential Security Risk with Macromedia eLicensing Client Activation Code

(Security Bulletin): Windows versions of the Macromedia installers and eLicensing client install a service with permissions that allow any member of the “Users” group to modify the service settings. This may allow local users to obtain the permissions …

Flex Builder 1.5 now available

(Product Update) Flex Builder 1.5 is now shipping. Flex Builder 1.5 is Macromedia’s IDE for Flex development, updated to work with Flex 1.5.

Integrating Remote Shared Objects with Flex and FCS

(Developer Center) Learn how to use a data-push techniques in your application and keep all your users in sync.

Landscape orientation in FlashPaper output

TechNote: Macromedia FlashPaper allows users to easily convert documents into Flash format documents, which can be read by the Flash Player available automatically with most browsers. FlashPaper documents can be viewed and printed in different sizes an…

Developer Center: Upcoming Changes in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

Get the latest information on Microsoft’s new operating system update.

Dial-up accelerators cause Flash movies to not display

TechNote: In some cases dial-up accelerators can affect Flash Movie Playback by removing active-x plugins from the webpage.