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Flex 1.5 display issue with Firefox on RedHat Linux

(TechNote) When requesting a Flex application from a Firefox 1.0.5 browser on the RedHat Linux platform, you will get a partially displayed SWF. The application shows in a narrow stage pushed to the left hand side of the browser while the rest is clipped off.

Breeze 5 emerging issues

(TechNote) Some users have reported that the following issues are affecting their usage of Breeze 5. Issues described in this document may prove to be platform or system specific, and may not affect all users. Technical support will update this document as we learn more about any of the issues, so check back frequently.

Audio levels decrease during a Breeze Meeting

(TechNote) The microphone volume for a Breeze Live host or presenter decreases during a meeting, eventually reaching zero so that participants cannot hear the host or presenter speak.

ColdFusion MX 7: Verity custom collection indexing limit of 65520 rows

(TechNote) When indexing data from a database query, the maximum number of rows that can be indexed from the query is 65,520. Attempting to index more than 65,520 rows will appear to succeed, as no error is reported. However, the additional rows will not be indexed.

Error 1935 when installing Breeze Presenter

(TechNote) During the installation of Breeze Presenter, the following error may be encountered:

Error 1935: An error has occurred during the installation of assembly

Breeze Presenter presentation will not play back on a server running IIS 6

(TechNote) When trying to play a Breeze Presenter presentation on a Windows 2003 server with IIS 6 installed, the file will not playback properly.

Where can I find the Breeze Presenter Add-in for PowerPoint?

(TechNote) In order to upload or publish content to a Breeze server, users must first have either the Breeze Presenter Add-in for Breeze 5 or the Breeze PowerPoint plug-in for Breeze 4 installed.

MoviePath does not display when in safe player mode

TechNote: Displaying the value of the moviePath or _movie.path in Shockwave movies or in projectors that are set to safePlayer results in an empty string.

Legacy operating systems no longer supported in Flash Player

TechNote: Due to recent enhancements and features added to Macromedia Flash Player 8, certain operating systems are no longer supported for playback of Flash movies. With the Flash Player 8 release, Macromedia Flash Player is no longer avaiable for Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT, or classic Macintosh operating systems.

Referrer information not sent with a Flash http request

TechNote: When using an http request (for example, through the use of loadMovie(), getURL() or loadVariables()) from a Flash SWF, the “referrer” information is not included in the header.