Archive for September, 2005

Browser windows fail to go into “Full Screen” mode

(TechNote) The Meeting user interface for attendees without the meeting add-in opens in a browser window with toolbars visible.

Breeze Manager’s login page loops endlessly

(TechNote) When trying to log in to the Breeze Manager, the login page loops endlessly without any error message.

Dreamweaver 8 Emerging Issues

TechNote (updated): TechNote updated with 5 new issues.

Fireworks 8 Emerging Issues

TechNote (updated): TechNote updated with one new issue.

CPS: Configuration of Authentication Type in CPS

TechNote: This TechNote describes the options for authentication configuration of Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server.

Blank space wraps to next line of HTML text

TechNote: In some cases, HTML-enabled text can wrap incorrectly, starting a line with a space instead of the next word.

Error when Defining a “Load” Event handler in a Loader Object subclass

TechNote: Defining “load” Event Handler inside any Loader Object subclass generates “Error opening URL” error message.

Campaign Tracking for Breeze Events

(TechNote) Breeze Events gives you the ability to report on registrations by campaign source. Typical campaigns may include e-mail offerings, search engine campaigns, and banner ad campaigns. To track campaigns in Breeze, you need to manually modify the registration URL provided by Breeze.

Speeding up mxmlc

(TechNote) This TechNote shows how you can use Class caching, also referred to as SWO caching, to speed up command-line compilations of Macromedia Flex applications.

Progress bar high CPU usage

(TechNote) In Macromedia Flex, a ProgressBar with the indeterminate attribute set to true consumes approximately 1-5% of the CPU to run it’s animation. Even when the ProgressBar’s visible property is set to false, it can still consume the same amount of CPU.