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JRun 4 Updater 6 Known Issues

(TechNote – updated): This document describes the known issues in JRun 4 Updater 6.

JRun4: Runtime deployment descriptor file behavior

(TechNote) When deploying a war file archive (for example, “myapp.war”) through the JRun Management Console, the deployment subsystem of JRun will create the following files in the same directory as the deployed WAR file:


Flash 8 Emerging Issues

TechNote (updated): Updated to include links to newly-released Flash Remoting components.

Fireworks 8 Emerging Issues

TechNote: This TechNote describes issues customers have described with Fireworks 8.

QuickTime 7 Support in Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player

TechNote (updated): The QuickTime Asset Xtra found in both Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player fails to properly detect the presence of the public beta release of Apple’s QuickTime 7 for Windows, causing error messages that the Xtra is missing or failed to initialize properly.

Pop-up menus exported from Fireworks 8 not using CSS

TechNote: Even though I use Macromedia Fireworks 8 to export a pop-up menu, the pop-up menu still uses JavaScript code (it does not use CSS to display the pop-up menu).

Emerging issues with Contribute

TechNote (updated): Updated with one new issue.

Dreamweaver 8 Emerging Issues

TechNote (updated): Updated with one new issue.

Error when uploading file in Breeze Meeting

(TechNote) The following error may be seen when uploading a PowerPoint file to a Breeze Meeting:

Upload error:error sco-update invalid

Cannot start Breeze due to duplicate admin login

(TechNote) The Breeze server is unable to start. There is an entry in the log files similar to the line below:

main (e)