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Best practices for Voice Over IP (VoIP) audio

(TechNote) There are several factors for achieving the best audio experience using Voice Over IP in Macromedia Breeze. First and foremost is using a suitable microphone or headset and getting optimum volume levels into Breeze.

Projector crashes when QuickTime 7 is used

TechNote: Windows projectors created using Macromedia Director may crash when launched on machines that have QuickTime Player version 7 installed.

Backing up Contribute Publishing Services (CPS)

TechNote: Backing up an installation of Macromedia Contribute Publishing Services (CPS) is useful, especially if you must install CPS on another server. This TechNote lists the files to back up for CPS.

Flash 8 FLVPlayback component support for Video Streaming with Flash Communication Server and Flash Media Server

(TechNote) The Flash 8 Professional authoring tool includes a new component for playing back Flash Video assets. This new component, FLVPlayback, supports progressive download video as well as streaming video via Flash Communication Server MX and Flash Media Server 2. The FLVPlayback component doesn’t work as MediaPlayback component in Flash MX 2004 used to for streaming video. It requires additional configuration for streaming video.

Common questions about Macromedia Flash Professional 8 and Flash Basic 8

TechNote (updated): TechNote has been updated with technical questions and answers for Flash 8.

Issues with RTMP tunneling through proxy servers

(TechNote) Flash Communication Server uses the RTMP protocol (Real Time Message Protocol), which is Macromedia’s proprietary TCP/IP protocol for streaming and data services. There are several issues to be aware of when setting up a Proxy Server to allow RTMP connections to tunnel through.

ColdFusion MX 7.0.1: Hot fix available for cffile action=”upload”

(Hot fix) To restore the old behavior, Macromedia has created a hot fix for cffile action=”upload” when there is a file specification in the destination field.