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Charts appear black when used with TileLists

(TechNote) A Macromedia Flex chart (PieChart, BarChart, etc.) may be used as a cell renderer of a TileList. A problem occurs when the TileList’s itemWidth and/or itemHeight properties are changed dynamically. The charts will appear either entirely black (as is the case with PieCharts) or partially black.

Cannot create a copy in Contribute of a frameset web page

TechNote: If you choose to create a page based on a frameset web page in Macromedia Contribute, in the New Page dialog box, the Copy of current Page option is dimmed and the following message appears: You cannot create a copy of a page that contains a frameset.

Registration error message appears when launching Authorware 7

TechNote: When restricted users try to access Macromedia Authorware 7.0, they get an error: “Encountered an unknown error while trying to run the registration program ‘Contact.exe’ “.

Security error appears when playing Flash content on a CD

TechNote: After updating to Macromedia Flash Player 8, some users see a security error message when attempting to play Flash content published on CD.

Getting started with ColdFusion MX, Flash Remoting and Flash MX

(TechNote) Getting started with ColdFusion MX, Flash MX and Flash Remoting can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with any one of the products. The samples provided in this TechNote hope to make you successful with your first attempts with getting Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX 8 to communicate to ColdFusion.

FlashPaper 2 is not installing properly with Contribute 3.11

TechNote: Other applications on your Microsoft Windows computer may either hang or freeze when you attempt to print or convert a document to Macromedia FlashPaper 2.

Unable to browse in Contribute to create a link to files other than web pages

TechNote: Creating a link to a file that is not a web page or an image fails in Contribute if you use the Browse button in the Browse tab of the Insert Link dialog box (screen shot below). The link text field remains empty, and text added to that field is not retained once you click OK. This only happens to users on a Macintosh, and does not happen if linking to an image or a web page.

Breeze does not support PowerPoint animation triggers

(TechNote) A PowerPoint presentation that leverages the animation triggers feature does not convert correctly in Breeze.

Recording teleconferenced Breeze Meetings

(TechNote) Users who do not use Premiere as their teleconferencing vendor can still record their teleconferenced meetings using a TAPing device.

Simple File Deployment service does not work with FTP

TechNote: The Simple File Deployment service in Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) does not work if the path for the staging and live servers use FTP.