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Color Swatch Panel in Flash does not show all swatches

TechNote: When docked or grouped with other panels, the Color Swatch Panel in Macromedia Flash 8 does not display all the swatches.

SMAF sound crashes Flash when testing playback

TechNote: When testing playback of SMAF (Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format) files in Macromedia Flash, the sound will play initially but repeated playback or “restarting� playback may crash Flash.

XML files won’t open in Internet Explorer after installing Dreamweaver 8

TechNote: After installing Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 and making Dreamweaver the default editor for XML files, you are not able to open an XML file in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Sidebar missing from Contribute interface

TechNote: The sidebar and the expand/collapse button is not visible in Macromedia Contribute. Using the keyboard shortcut “F4” does not force the sidebar to re-appear.

After uninstalling the Flash Authoring Extensions, Flash crashes on launch

TechNote: If “Flash Media Server ActionScript� was the last selected item in the combo box of the Actions Toolbox before the Authoring Extensions are uninstalled, Macromedia Flash 8 may crash on launch.

Browsing to a page that requires user authentication freezes Contribute

TechNote: When you create a connection in Macromedia Contribute on a Macintosh, Contribute freezes if you use the mini-browser (click ‘Browse’ inside the Connection Assistant) to access a web page that requires user authentication.

Sharing Breeze Presenter 5 themes

(TechNote) Users who customize Breeze Presenter 5 themes may wish to distribute them to other content authors.

Emerging issues with Contribute

TechNote: One new issue reported

Contribute unable to manage more than 20 SFTP connections

TechNote: Macromedia Contribute administrators attempting to add 20 or more SFTP connections to Contribute Publishing Server will not be able to make a connection via Contribute properly. Contribute will not produce an error message with this issue. It will simply stop working properly.

ColdFusion MX 7: Slow server startup on Red Hat EL4

(TechNote) When running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, the startup of the ColdFusion MX/JRun server may take four to six minutes.