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How to disable auto-update notification in Flash Player

TechNote: Macromedia periodically updates Flash Player with new features or security fixes and notifies users who have Flash Player installed when an update is available. This TechNote describes how to disable notification of updates.

IT Administration: Configuring Flash Player auto-update notification

TechNote (updated): Macromedia Flash Player supports notification of software updates by periodically checking for new versions of the player on the macromedia website. Flash Player never runs in the background to perform the auto-update check. The check is only performed when the player is loaded to view Flash content, typically in the browser, and by default only occurs if it has been at least 30 days since the last time it checked for updates. IT administrators can customize the update notification behavior for their users. The auto-update notification settings can be configured in two ways: user settings or an administrator deployed configuration file.

Changing the text attributes of the Flash Help Panel

TechNote (updated): This TechNote describes how to adjust the text display attributes in the Help Panel, and specifically describes how to change (increase or decrease) the font size.

Double-clicking a FLV after Flash 8 is installed does not open the file in Flash Player

TechNote: Double-clicking a Flash Video (FLV) file does not open the file in the standalone Flash Player as expected. Instead, you are prompted to choose an application from an Open With… dialog box.

Contribute 3.11 installation fails with ‘package parameter not supported’ error

TechNote: When installing Macromedia Contribute 3.11 on a Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system, some customers may see this error:
“package” parameter not supported

MPSB05-12 Sandbox Security and CFMAIL Vulnerability in ColdFusion MX 6.X

(Security bulletin) This bulletin addresses two (2) privately reported security issues with ColdFusion 6.X.

ColdFusion MX 7: ‘Graphing service is not available’ error when accessing the ColdFusion Administrator

(TechNote) After installing ColdFusion MX 7 in a J2EE configuration, the following error may be seen when opening the ColdFusion Administrator:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
The Graphing service is not available.

Connecting to DB2 OS/390 and Z/OS using DataDirect 3.4 or higher drivers

(TechNote) There are changes with connecting to DB2 databases, beginning with the release of the DataDirect version 3.4 database drivers.

JRun 4 Updater 6 : Hot fix 56259

(Hot fix) This TechNote provides a hot fix for the following JRun defect:

56259 – User-timeout property provided for a JRun data source does not work any more with JRun 4 Updater 3. If a query takes more than the value provided for the user-timeout, JRun does not stop processing the query.

JRun 4 Updater 6: Hot fix for defects 61163 and 61162

(Hot fix) This TechNote provides a hot fix for the following JRun defects:

61163 – JRun does not recognize the Class-path in when the EAR is deployed to the cluster directory.
61162 – A JSP in an EAR application has access to the classes specified in the Class-path of another EAR’s As the EAR application has its own classloader, a JSP file in an EAR should not be able access the classes in another EAR.