Archive for December, 2005

Cannot find Guard Page when administrating a site in Contribute

TechNote: When accessing the Administer Websites dialog box for a given site in Macromedia Contribute, you see an error indicating that a guard page could not be found. Also, in the Web Server category of the Administer Websites dialog box for that site, you see the same error if you click Find Guard Page in the Guard Page tab.

Implementing JCIFS filters for NTLM support in ColdFusion MX

(TechNote) The Common Internet File System is a platform independent file sharing protocol based on Microsoft’s Server Message Block protocol. CIFS runs atop TCP/IP and provides stateful file access. Java CIFS (jCIFS) is an open source client library from Samba that provides a 100% Java implementation of CIFS/SMB networking protocols. Customers can use JCIFS to provide NTLM HTTP authentication against Windows domains from within ColdFusion.