Archive for February, 2006

Incorrect translation in Japanese version of Presenter

(TechNote) In the Japanese version of Breeze Presenter 5.0, the tab titled “Thumb” is translated incorrectly. It is translated as “yes/no” or “pros/cons”.

Displaying the Breeze presentation playback menu in a different language

(TechNote) A Breeze presentation created in Japanese using an Input Method Editor (IME) is viewed correctly; however, the Breeze controls are still in English.

Talking Head FLV files created with On2 VP6 codec do not appear in output

(TechNote) Macromedia Flash 8 comes packaged with 2 codecs to convert movies in Flash into FLV format. These codecs are Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6. Using the On2 VP6 codec results in the FLV file not appearing in the compiled output from Breeze Presenter, only the sound plays.

In Labs: ActionScript 3.0 Libraries for Flex 2.0

Build Flex 2.0 apps with the Flickr API, Mappr API, RSS parser API, search APIs for video and podcasts, and more.

Breeze install fails with java.sql.Exception: SET LANGUAGE failed because ‘ENGLISH’ is not an official language name or a language alias on this SQL Server

(TechNote) During an installation of Breeze Server, the Breeze database configuration fails with the following java.sql.Exception:

java.sql.SQLException: [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]
SET LANGUAGE failed because ‘ENGLISH’ is not an official language name
or a language alias on this SQL Server.

Unable to record Breeze meetings

(TechNote) After choosing the Record option (Meeting > Record Meeting), the meeting is not recorded. The Record Meeting dialog box remains present after clicking OK.

Markers from imported MP3 files are not recognized

(TechNote) MP3 audio files containing markers imported from Sonic Foundry/Sony SoundForge (or similar audio editing applications) do not display in Breeze.

Course enrollees do not receive email notifications

(TechNote) When enrolling additional users to a class, after the Course has already been created, email notifications are not sent.

Webserver connector hangs while trying to configure remote ColdFusion MX/JRun server

(TechNote) The web server configuration tool, wsconfig, may appear to hang while trying to configure a remote ColdFusion MX or JRun server.

Animations cannot be set to OnClick on Master Slide

(TechNote) In order for Breeze Presenter to gain control of animations, they must be set to OnClick; however, animations located on the Master Slide cannot be controlled.