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Creating relative hyperlinks for Breeze presentations published locally

(TechNote) Breeze Presenter does not retain relative file paths for hyperlinks to external SWF files when publishing locally. The links break after publishing.

Precompiled JSP files for deployment in JRun 4

(TechNote) In JRun 4, when you compile a JSP using the JSPC off-line compiler, three different types of files are generated, .class, .ct, and .dep files.

If you try to deploy only the .class file, without the .ct and .dep files for the JSP, the following error will be thrown:

at jrun.jsp.runtime.ConstantTable.load(

Error when installing Dreamweaver 8: The InstallScript engine is missing from this machine. If available, please run ISScript.msi

TechNote: Some Windows users have reported that when trying to install Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, an error message appears indicating the InstallScript engine is missing.

Can’t connect to FTP servers after installing Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater

TechNote: Some Windows users have reported that after installing the Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater, they are unable to connect to any FTP sites in Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Powerpoint changes links to absolute links when publishing to Breeze Presenter

(TechNote) In presentations with attachments that are published locally, the attachments do not work correctly due to the link not being valid.

IP license restriction warning after placing into runtime/lib directory

(TechNote) An IP license restriction may go into effect even with a valid serial number entered in the ColdFusion Administrator. This sometimes occurs when a user is trying to resolve the warning in the coldfusion-out.log file:
warning Unable to open C:\CFusionMX7\runtime/lib/

What are the IP addresses for the hosted Breeze servers?

(TechNote) Some firewalls are configured only to allow certain IP addresses through for security reasons. When possible, the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Breeze hosted servers should be used instead of the IP address, due to the fact that the IP addresses may change in the future.

Unable to apply styles and formatting to page in Contribute

TechNote: Style options, including the Bold and Italic buttons, are not available while editing pages in Macromedia Contribute.

Flash movies do not appear after installing the Flash Player

TechNote (updated): After attempting to install a previous version of the Macromedia Flash Player, Flash movies do not appear in the browser as expected. There may also be an error, which states that the “Object doesn’t support this property or method.”

File crashes with low memory warning when opening in Flash 8

TechNote: When attempting to open certain FLA files in Macromedia Flash 8, customer receives a message indicating “Low memory errors opening certain files.” The document fails to open.