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Cause for “A script in this movie is causing Flash Player to run slowly” alert

TechNote (updated): TechNote updated with information specific to AOL users.

Using Contribute with a website that has both secure and non-secure pages (http/https)

TechNote: After creating a connection to a website (using the Connection Wizard) with a homepage URL that looks like, browsing to a secure page like will bring up this error message: “You are viewing a page on a website that you haven’t created a connection to.”

Uninstalling Studio 8 applications on Windows

TechNote: The default method of uninstalling a Studio 8 application does not automatically remove the user preferences and configuration files.

Dreamweaver on Macintosh hangs when printing code after updating to 8.0.1

TechNote: After installing the Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater for Macintosh, the Print Code feature stops working. When you try to print code, Dreamweaver hangs, and force quitting is the only way to close the application. (Ref. 204756)

Creating a Dynamic Playlist for Streaming Flash Video

Use XML to display multiple video clips and generate thumbnails dynamically without editing your Flash file. (Updated)

In Labs: Using Flex 2.0 with ColdFusion: Session Tracker Sample Application

Ben Forta shows you how to integrate Flex 2.0 with ColdFusion as you track session activity in real time.

High-Definition Web Demos with Captivate, Flash, and Flash Media Server

Use this solution to synchronize your content and produce high-quality web demos.

Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture

Part 6: Rapid and Consistent Development with Cairngorm and Flex

Supporting Web Standards

For eight years, the Web Standards Project has worked to establish web standards. Now it’s your turn to implement them.

JRun 4.0 Updater 6: Hot fix available for multiple Microsoft IIS connector issues

(Hot fix) Several issues are addressed by this patch to the JRun Updater 6 connectors for Microsoft IIS 5 and 6.