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ColdFusion MX 7.0.1: Hot fix available for Microsoft IIS truncation for headers larger than 8k

(Hot fix) The IIS connector truncates headers larger than 8k bytes. This creates issues for a very small number of applications that use headers slightly larger than 8k. Both the IIS 5 and 6 connectors are affected.

Poll data in a meeting room is not recorded

(TechNote) Poll data in a Breeze Meeting is not displayed in the Reports of the Breeze Manager.

Bug fixes for Director and Shockwave versions 10.x.x

TechNote (updated): Updated with issues list fixed by Director MX 2004 and Shockwave Player version

ColdFusion MX 7: Collections are not seen in the Administrator when connecting to full Verity K2 Server product

(TechNote) In ColdFusion MX 7, when connecting to a full version of the Verity K2 Server product, the collections may not show up in the ColdFusion Administrator. No errors occur in the log files but, when selecting the Verity Collections link in the ColdFusion Administrator, you will see:

Unable to retrieve collections from the Search Service.

Data Source Undefined error when working with ODBC Socket data sources in a multi instance configuration

(TechNote) ODBC Socket data sources are those that utilize the DataDirect SequeLink ODBC Socket Server services. When working in a multiple server instance configuration, each instance communicates with the same SequeLink services. When defining an ODBC Socket data source, the data source details are written both to ColdFusion MX’s neo-query.xml file as well as the SequeLink swandm.ini file. If a data source with the same name is defined in two or more server instances, each instance will share the same details defined in swandm.ini. If you delete a data source from one instance, the corresponding information will be deleted from swandm.ini.

Unable to create ODBC Socket data source using instances created by Instance Manager

(TechNote) In a multi-server configuration, one can use the Instance Manager to create additional server instances. When using a server instance created by the Instance Manager, any attempt to create an ODBC Socket or Access data source will fail with one of the following errors

Announcing Flex 2.0 Beta 2

ActionScript 3.0 Libraries, Flex Ajax Bridge, and more. Find out about all the new features in beta 2.

Enter the Adobe Flex Developer Derby

Show off your Flex 2.0 applications to the developer community and enter for a chance to win great prizes.

In Labs: Flex 2.0 Video Tutorials

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Loading, Parsing, and Locally Storing XML in Flash Lite 2

Transmit data to and from Flash Lite 2 with XML and store it locally using Flash Lite shared objects.