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Converting Flash content to Flash Lite 1.1

Learn how to convert Flash content created with ActionScript 2.0 to Flash Lite 1.1 content.

Jorge Taylor on the Spry Ajax Framework (on

Scott Fegette talks with the Spry framework’s engineering manager to find out why the Dreamweaver team entered another player into the Ajax framework game.

How to get information about all the Breeze Meeting Rooms in an account using the XML API

(TechNote) A common request from Breeze application developers is how to obtain Breeze Meeting Room information, such as the URL, name, date and description, for all the Meeting Rooms in a Breeze account using the Breeze XML/API.

E-mail reminders for courses sent with subject line: “You are enrolled in: Name”

TechNote: Course enrollees receive e-mail reminders with a subject line: “You are enrolled in: Name.” Normally, the e-mail reminder subject should contain the name of the course in which a user is enrolled.

Breeze Presenter playback controls are not functioning

TechNote: Breeze presenter playback controls (play, pause, forward, back, etc.) do not work when you click them. Additionally, the following tooltip pops up when the presentation is loaded: “Click to activate and use this control”

In Labs: NoteTag: A Flex 2 sample application

Try this proof-of-concept Flex 2 application for capturing notes and assigning tasks, using read/write web technologies like RSS, blogging, tagging, and microformats.

Using XSL filtering in Dreamweaver 8

Use XPath conditional statements to select which data in your XML files is displayed in your web pages.

ColdFusion/Flex Builder 2 Wizards

The wizards, new extensions in the ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity Beta, help you automatically generate ActionScript, CFCs, and MXML.

Manipulating web services with Flash Media Server

Learn to use web services in Flash Media Server 2 to interface with complex result sets.

No such interface supported error when trying to use Design view in HomeSite 4.5

TechNote: A “No such interface supported” error occurs when trying to use Design view in HomeSite 4.5 and below. This occurs whether you click the Design tab or choose View > Toggle Edit/Design.