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Converting a HomeSite trial version to a full version

TechNote: To convert a trial version of HomeSite to a full version, you need to uninstall the trial before installing the full version.

Active content not displayed in browser after converting page in Dreamweaver 8.0.2

TechNote: In Dreamweaver 8.0.2, after creating a new page with active content (for example, Flash Player content) or after converting an existing page with active content, the active content does not display when the page is uploaded to the server and viewed in a web browser. This problem is page-specific.

Formatting the time-taken column on the downloaded Breeze Training – By Users Report

(TechNote) The downloaded report data for the “Breeze Training – By Users Report” formats the time-taken column in milliseconds.

Error when installing Breeze on 64-bit operating systems

(TechNote) When installing Breeze server on a 64-bit operating system, you get an error stating that a negative amount of RAM is available and that Breeze needs 512 MB of RAM to install.

JRun 4 or ColdFusion MX Multiserver: JMC does not show the correct status for the Server Instance after enabling Microsoft Port Filtering

(TechNote) After enabling Microsoft Port Filtering, the JRun Management Console (JMC) does not show the correct status for the server instance regardless of whether the server instance is running or is offline.

Dreamweaver 8 does not fully rendering large files in Design view on Macintosh

TechNote: Some users are reporting that when they open certain large files in Design view in Dreamweaver 8 on the Macintosh, Dreamweaver does not render the complete page. This typically results in the last section of the page being missing or cut off. This problem does not occur in earlier versions of Dreamweaver. (Ref. 201845)

In Labs: Flex 2 dashboard sample application

See how this dashboard sample application uses Flex Charting and Data Services, new features available in the Flex 2 beta

Introduction to Animation in Flash Lite 1.1

Learn the basics of creating and optimizing animation in your Flash Lite 1.1 projects.

Flex Builder 2 for Flash Programmers

Take a tour of Flex Builder 2 from the perspective of a Flash programmer.

List arithmetic fails for long lists

TechNote: If you have a Lingo linear list that has 32768 or more entries then any attempts to perform list arithmetic will corrupt the list data.