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FlashType text becomes blurry over a transparent image

(TechNote) When FlashType text is drawn to a transparent bitmap using draw() with a transparent background, the text appears blurry.

ColdFusion MX 7.0.1: Hot fix to workaround Active Content update to Internet Explorer

(Hot fix) Microsoft has made updates to Internet Explorer that change the way active content is displayed. Users will see changes as they use cfforms with Flash controls or Java controls. The cfchart tag is also affected. Internet Explorer will generate a popup with the text “Click or hit enter to activate this control.” Adobe has published a hot fix that will allow CFForm to behave as it did previously.

Troubleshooting Adobe Flash Player for Intel-based Macs

(TechNote) This document provides troubleshooting guidelines for users of Adobe Flash Player and Intel-based Macs. Users can download a public beta of Flash Player 9 (formerly known as Flash Player 8.5) that runs natively on Intel-based Macs.

Flex Builder 2: Installed Flash Player is Not a Debugger

(TechNote) When you run Flex Builder 2 in debug mode you may receive an error “Installed Flash Player is Not a Debugger. Flex Builder cannot locate the required debug version of the Flash Player. You may need to install the debug version of the Flash Player 9.0 or reinstall Flex Builder. Do you want to try to debug with the current version?”

Announcing the Flex Developer Derby Winners

Dashboards, mashups, configurators, RIA stores, and more—check out the top selections in the coding contest.

Sneak peek: Upcoming cookbook area for Flex developers

Executive Editor Craig Goodman previews the Flex cookbook area and invites you to participate.

Welcome to ColdFusion-powered Flex

Ben Forta explains what Flex means for ColdFusion developers.

Designing Flex 2 skins with Flash, Photoshop, or Fireworks

Design Flex 2 skins with your favorite tools, and gain flexibility and control as you create a unique look for your applications.

Refactoring Flex applications from RPC-style data management to Data Management Services

Explore the possibilities of Data Management Services as a programming model.

Architecting RIAs with Flex Data Management Services

Streamline RIA development and maintenance with Flex Data Management Services.