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Sample: Exposing LiveCycle workflows in BEA WebLogic Portal (ZIP, 46.9M)

Learn how to integrate LiveCycle Form Manager and LiveCycle Workflow in the BEA WebLogic environment.

How to list all users with permission to enter a meeting using the XML API

(TechNote) To get a list of all users with permissions to a Breeze Meeting you will need to use the “permissions-info” action. To limit the scope of the query to only users who can access the meeting you will need to filter the list on all three types of users for the meeting: Participants, Presenters, and Hosts.

Resume Data is not sent on every slide

(TechNote) Bookmarking does not work for users viewing content slides in a course.

How to retrieve a list of all events in Breeze using the XML API

(TechNote) To list all Events on your Breeze server, use the “sco-contents” action. You will need to include the “sco-id” parameter in your query.

Report all users currently in a meeting using the XML API

(TechNote) Often, a meeting host will want to create an attendance report of users currently attending a particular Breeze meeting.

Search for Breeze users by a particular field value using the XML API

(TechNote) Often, users will want to search for other Breeze users by a particular field value. The action “principal-list-by-field” allows you to search users by a particular field value.

How to send an email notification when creating a user via the XML API

(TechNote) When using the Breeze login page to register, Breeze will typically send an email notification to the user who just registered. However, when creating a user via the XML API using the “principal-update” action, this email notification is not sent.

XML API action “sco-search” does not return results

(TechNote) When using the “sco-search” action in the XML API, no results are returned. Only a <status code=”ok”> message is returned.

SQL statement is not saved in Report Builder

(TechNote) In ColdFusion Report Builder 7.0.2, if you type a SQL statement into the query builder, save it and then reopen the query builder, the SQL is no longer there. It is available in Snippets, however.

Access Violation error in ColdFusion Report Builder

(TechNote) An Access Violation error may occur if, in a report that uses input parameters, the query is modified and the report is saved several times in a row in the same Report Builder session.