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Error when editing data source table columns of type ByteArray or BLOB

(TechNote) In applications generated using the ColdFusion/Flex application wizard in Flex Builder 2, it is not possible to edit data source table columns of type ByteArray or BLOB.

Breeze user is not created when using the XML API

(TechNote) When creating a new Breeze user using the XML API, you may find that the user is not created. The page output displays the new users information but they were not entered in the Breeze system.

User login to Breeze fails when using the XML API

(TechNote) When using the XML API, you want to login the users from your portal or application but the login process fails.

Using Flash 8 SWFs with Flex 2 Applications

(TechNote) Flex 2 applications are compiled into SWFs that require the use of Flash Player 9. There is a problem when you want to have a Flex 2 SWF dynamically load or embed a Flash 8 SWF. The example in this TechNote explains how to include SWFs that were created for Flash Player 8 (or earlier) into a Flex 2 application.

Flex community sample applications

Check out what developers in the Flex and Flash community are building with Flex 2, Flash Player 9, and ActionScript 3.0.

From FITC: Colin Moock interviews Mike Downey, Flash product manager

Two Flash experts discuss the Adobe merger, Flash, Adobe Labs, and Flex in these four videos.

Four new Flex Quick Starts

Learn Flex fundamentals such as controlling the cursor, using Repeaters, skinning components, and using item renderers.

Creating a Flash Lite 1.1 RSS Reader

Use a server-side PHP parser and Flash Lite 1.1 to display RSS feeds on Flash Lite–enabled devices.

Guidelines for rich Internet application development

Learn from the pros by applying Fluid’s best-practice development tactics to your own work.

Sample: Adding subform instances at runtime (ZIP, 148k)

This sample demonstrates how to add subform instances to your form at runtime and include the new subform as well as its child objects in any form calculations.