Archive for August, 2006

Optimizing Content for Flash Lite 2.0 (PDF, 125K)

Learn tips and tricks for making your Flash content run efficiently on mobile devices.

Sample: Sorting list boxes and drop-down lists (ZIP, 94K)

Use the JavaScript Array object’s built-in sorting function to sort pairs of text and value items at runtime.

Using ColdFusion Extension wizards to create ColdFusion and Flex applications

Watch these demos and learn about wizards that can help you with application development.

Configuring LiveCycle Application Server Clusters using WebLogic (PDF, 1MB)

This document explains how to deploy an Adobe LiveCycle server product individually in a clustered environment using WebLogic.

Outbound service requests queue up and come back in groups of ten

(TechNote) Some Flash Media Server applications use Flash Remoting, plain HTTP or web services to receive information from external systems. When the external service responds slowly (> 5 sec) and if Flash Media Server applications make extensive use of calling external services, this may result in a problem as requests seem to queue up and are returned in groups of ten. This may cause long queues and cause slow end user experience.

Some Breeze users can’t hear the host when audio is being delivered via VoIP

(TechNote) During a Breeze meeting, the meeting host can use the Camera and Voice Pod to deliver audio to participants via VoIP. While most of the users can hear the audio, one or more users can not hear the audio at all.

“C:\jrun4 does not contain a valid jrun root directory” error when updating ColdFusion multiserver if all server instances are not shut down

(TechNote) Installing a ColdFusion MX Updater (all versions) in a multiserver configuration on Windows may result in a “C:\jrun4 does not contain a valid jrun root directory” error.

ColdFusion MX 7.0.2: JDBC hot fix for SQL update using third party Informix and Sybase drivers

(Hot fix)This TechNote provides a hot fix for the following issues: 1) ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 throws “Method can be only called once” exception for any SQL update when using third party Informix and Sybase drivers. This issue does not occur with the drivers shipped with ColdFusion. 2) ColdFusion returns same ResultSet when a query is called twice, first with MaxRows attribute set to specific value and later with no value.

How to login to Breeze using the XML API (Hosted)

(TechNote) Breeze Hosted customers must add an additional parameter, account-id, to their action to successfully login to their account.

Breeze Presentations do not play audio

(TechNote) Breeze presentations recorded in Breeze 5.0 play audio, but presentations recorded in Breeze 5.1 do not play the recorded audio.