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Learner may have incomplete status after course is completed

(TechNote) When course administrators set the number of attempts for a quiz to be greater than 1, learners may be attempting the quiz more often than they realize within a given session. This can result in incomplete statuses even though learners claim they have already completed and passed the course.

How to add a loginID to a Breeze group using the XML API

(TechNote) A common request from Breeze application developers is how to add a Breeze loginID (user) to a Breeze group using the Breeze XML API.

How to tell the datarate of a Flash video (FLV) file

(TechNote) Breeze users may receive pre-authored FLV files and have no way to know the datarate or framerate. Being able to ascertain the datarate of video content is important to ensure there is enough connection bandwidth to accomodate the video.

Importing audio into a Breeze slide with animation causes the animation to stop playing

(TechNote) When importing audio into a Breeze slide that has animation with sound on it, the animation stops playing.

Courses that contain only survey questions get automatically marked as Passed upon entering the course

(TechNote) Breeze courses in which the quiz content only contains survey questions are automatically marked with a course status of ‘Passed’ as soon as the presentation is launched.

Re-enabling the Shared Template folder on Licensed Breeze Server

(TechNote) The Shared Template folder has inadvertently been deleted.

How Flex can transform the user experience on the web

Expressiveness, performance, rich media, real-time messaging, and more: New Flex 2 features help you create engaging web apps.

Create custom Flash content and applications for use in Breeze Meeting

Now you can reach out to a whole new customer base, and make online meetings more interactive and compelling, with the Breeze Meeting Sync SWF SDK.

Applying multiple digital signatures to a single document in the right order

Apply a policy, certify the document, and sign the document.

In Labs: Understanding NoteTag

A Flex 2 app that captures notes and assigns tasks via read/write web technologies like RSS, blogging, tagging, and microformats.