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Red exclamation marks appear in Server Behaviors panel

(TechNote – update) You may occasionally see red exclamation marks ( ! ) next to the items in your Server Behaviors panel. For example, if you create a recordset or an Insert Record server behavior and then change the database connection, you may see a red exclamation mark. Or if you make manual modifications to the server behavior code blocks, you may also see red exclamation marks.

How to put a search and results page set on the same page

(TechNote – update) A common question among Dreamweaver users is how to create a search page that displays the results of the search on the search page instead of on another page. There are many different ways to implement a search that displays the results on the same page. This TechNote demonstrates one possible solution using the ASP server model. Because this example uses the Dreamweaver visual interface, the steps below also apply to the other server models supported by Dreamweaver (ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET and JSP).

Creating dynamic hyperlinks and e-mail links with recordsets

(TechNote – update) This TechNote describes how to apply dynamic hyperlinks and dynamic e-mail links to both static text and dynamic text derived from a recordset. The same principles also apply to dynamic images.

Adding a “Select All” option to a list/menu consisting of string values

(TechNote – update) Support, Tips & Tricks

This TechNote assumes that you have a static list/menu or a dynamic list/menu on your page that consists of string or text values. If your list/menu consists of numeric values, see TechNote 16105, “Adding a “Select All” option to a list/menu consisting of numeric values.” Please refer to the resources listed at the end of this TechNote for details on setting up the initial list/menu.

Building RoboHelp_CSH.cpp in Visual Studio 2005 generates multiple errors

(TechNote) When you attempt to build RoboHelp_CSH.cpp in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, the following error messages are displayed:

..\RoboHelp_CSH.cpp(163) : error C2440: ‘initializing’ : cannot convert from ‘const char *’ to ‘LPTSTR’
Conversion loses qualifiers
..\RoboHelp_CSH.cpp(526) : error C2440: ‘initializing’ : cannot convert from ‘const char *’ to ‘_TCHAR *’

Cross-site scripting security issue in Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver UltraDev server behaviors

(TechNote) There is a security issue with some of the server behaviors in Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver UltraDev 1, and two extensions that shipped as part of the Developer’s Resource Kit (DRK), vol. 2 and vol. 4. If exploited, this issue makes it possible for an attacker to gain access to certain site-specific cookie and session information. (Ref. 146889)

Note: This security issue has been fixed in Dreamweaver MX 2004 and later versions.

Dreamweaver 8 does not fully render large files in Design view on Macintosh

(TechNote) When you open certain large files in Design view in Dreamweaver 8 on the Macintosh, Dreamweaver does not render the complete page. This typically causes the last section of the page to be cut off. This issue does not occur in earlier versions of Dreamweaver.

The size limit is not the number of bytes in the source file, but the display size to which the markup renders. Dreamweaver 8 currently has a limitation of 32,768 pixels by 32,768 pixels on the Macintosh.

“Error Code 3” when you work with templates

(TechNote) When you try to update pages after making changes to a template, or when you try to create a new file from a template, the following error occurs:

Error Accessing File: “\\servername\wwwroot\templates\\\servername\wwwroot\templates\main2.dwt”: bad file path (error code 3)

You may find that the path above is a combination of two paths concatenated together, or you may see only one path. This issue may occur only when other files are open in Dreamweaver.

Copy, Cut, Paste and Undo stop working in Dreamweaver 8

(TechNote) After working correctly for a period of time on Windows, Dreamweaver 8 loses the ability to copy, cut, paste and undo. These options are grayed out in the main menu and also in the right-click context menus, and the keyboard shortcuts for these options do not work.

Error “Parameter is incorrect”

(TechNote) You see a “Parameter is incorrect” error in Dreamweaver 8 when you perform the following actions:

* When you try to save changes to a file on an offline mapped network drive (Windows). (Ref. 202814)
* When you perform: File > New > click on Templates tab (Windows). (Ref. 202810)
* When you attempt to Put, Get or Synchronize files to or from a remote server, attempt to open a file, or try to connect to the remote server. (Ref. 200120)