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FTP Server Checker

(TechNote) The FTP Server Checker enables users to diagnose problems when a connection cannot be established in Contribute using FTP. The tool checks the compatibility between the FTP server and Contribute, then generates a report to help to identify issues between the server and Contribute.

If the report does not clarify FTP compatibility problems, then send the report to Adobe for further analysis.

Contribute Frequently Asked Questions

(TechNote) Contribute Frequently Asked Questions

On2 FLV file fails to playback

(TechNote) FLV file encoded with the On2 codec imported into an Adobe Captivate 2 project fails to playback.

ColdFusion MX 7 support for 64-bit platforms

(TechNote) Support for 64-bit platforms with ColdFusion MX 7 is limited at this time. The status of supported configurations for ColdFusion MX 7 on 64-bit platforms is explained in this TechNote.

Redirecting from the Breeze login page

(TechNote) Customers who implement Single Sign On (SSO) may require a way to redirect their users away from the Breeze login page to their authentication portal or application.

Intel Macs experience problems with the Share Pod in Breeze

(TechNote) Macintosh computers with Intel-based CPUs will experience problems while trying to share a document or their screen via the Breeze Meeting Add-In under Mac OSX (native or Rosetta mode).

Breeze load or stress testing tools

(TechNote) When stress or load testing Breeze, Adobe does not use any one specific product. We can, however, disclose a few products that have been used to do stress or load testing for web applications that might be sufficient for your project.

Captivate demonstration does not play properly in a Breeze meeting room

(TechNote) When sharing a Captivate demonstration in a Breeze meeting room, the demonstration plays unevenly.

Meeting invitations display incorrect time zone

(TechNote) After changing the time zone on your Breeze account, the meeting invitations still show the old time zone.

How to check the status and heartbeat of a Breeze server

(TechNote) This TechNote provides a useful command for configuring implementations where a heartbeat monitor must be established or to check the general health of the services running on your Breeze server.