Archive for October, 2006

Where external PDF attachments are not possible for locally published presentations, FlashPaper may be used

(TechNote) As discussed in TechNote 4924ceb0, Breeze Presenter doesn’t allow attachments if the presentation is to be run locally.

Breeze Outlook plug-in issue for non-Breeze meetings

(TechNote) An issue has been discovered when creating, then deleting recurring Outlook appointments. These appointments do not use Breeze; however, a Breeze plug-in error is encountered when the appointment is deleted.

How to prepare an externally edited audio file for import into Presenter

(TechNote) Some users would like to use an external sound editing program for slide audio and then import the audio into Presenter using sound markers for slide markers.

Best practices for Voice Over IP (VoIP) audio

(TechNote – updated) There are several factors for achieving the best audio experience using Voice Over IP (VoIP) in Breeze.

Customizing fonts in Presenter

(TechNote) Use the steps below if you want to customize the fonts in Presenter

FlashPaper is not printing correctly in Breeze Presenter

(TechNote) When printing an attached FlashPaper document in Breeze Presenter, the printing is skewed.

Using Keynote presentations with Breeze for Macintosh users

(TechNote) Mac users want to use Keynote for Breeze meeting, but are unable to determine how.

PowerPoint issue causes course report to miss or skip questions

(TechNote) On some occasions, it has been observed that a course report skips or misses a number of questions that would otherwise be part of the reporting total.