Archive for November, 2006

Windows Internet Explorer error message received when publishing content to Breeze

(TechNote) When a customer attempts to publish any kind of content to Breeze, they run into a Windows Internet Explorer error: “Cannot find []. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct.” However, the content will continue to publish successfully.

Sample workflows for maps and lists in Adobe LiveCycle Workflow 7.2.x.

Learn how to use maps and lists in Adobe LiveCycle Workflow 7.2.x.

Applying an upgraded license.txt file to the Breeze server with a post-5.1 SP2 patch does not work

(TechNote) Applying upgraded license.txt files to Breeze servers after the application of post-5.1 SP2 patches results in a “This field is not in the specified range.” error message in the Breeze License Settings page.

Hot fix for System Error and System Out log file rotation

(Hot fix) JRun generates Java stderr and stdout logs as [server name]-err and [server name]-out when running as a Windows service, however, the files do not rotate. A hot fix has been created to solve this issue.

ColdFusion MX 7.0.2: Using named parameters with stored procedures using cfprocparam

(Hot fix) ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 can now use named parameters when calling stored procedures using the dbvarname attribute within the cfprocparam tag.

ColdFusion MX: Using cfdocument on Unix platforms

(TechNote) The cfdocument tag might cause the following error when running ColdFusion MX on a Unix platform: ExceptionConverter: The document has no pages.

ColdFusion MX: Disabling quoted identifiers for Sybase JConnect drivers

(TechNote) Sybase may throw “Invalid column name” errors when passing double quoted values in SQL WHERE clauses.

ColdFusion MX: Disabling quoted identifiers for JDBC data sources

(TechNote) “Invalid column name” errors may occur when passing double quoted values in SQL WHERE clauses.

How to identify 64-bit OS compatibility issues with ColdFusion

(TechNote) Various errors are encountered when trying to install, configure or run ColdFusion on 64-bit machines. This TechNote provides examples of these errors.

ColdFusion MX on Windows: Redirecting output from .bat files

(TechNote) ColdFusion ships with .BAT files that perform various functions, such as outputting the server version information and pre-compiling the CFMs into Java classes. There may be times when you want to redirect the output from the console to a text file but the errors are not captured in the output text file. This TechNote explains why this occurs and how to resolve it.