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ColdFusion MX: Configuring the IBM DB2 Universal driver

(TechNote) This TechNote describes how to configure ColdFusion MX to use the IBM DB2 Universal JDBC driver to connect to DB2 version 8 databases (also called DB2 UDB).

Queries of date fields are returned with timestamp in ColdFusion MX

(TechNote) As of ColdFusion MX, queries on date fields return the date as it is stored in your database, including any timestamps. This is a change in functionality from ColdFusion 5, which returned a formatted date field when using certain database drivers.

How to remove dependencies between Windows services

(TechNote) This TechNote provides information on how to remove dependencies between two or more Windows services, if such dependencies were created during installation or at any other time. One of the most frequently seen examples is the dependency between the ColdFusion MX Application Service and the IIS Admin Service.

LiveCycle Designer scripting sample: Adding a table of contents to a form (Dec 4) (ZIP, 155K)

Learn how to use layout techniques to add a dynamic table of contents to your forms.

Integrating Flex Charting 2 and Nitobi Grid with FABridge (Dec 4)

Use these technologies together to build a dashboard application that visualizes enterprise data and brings users closer to a desktop experience.

Making a simple SWF launcher with Nokia Carbide.c++ IDE

Create a native Nokia installer to open Flash Lite applications.

How one person developed the Edge

Learn the CSS behind the new redesign of the Edge newsletter.

Productivity Kit for LiveCycle APIs

Download a collection of Java classes that implement common programming tasks when using the Adobe LiveCycle APIs.

Download the Acrobat 8 SDK

Get the Acrobat 8 SDK and create plug-ins for Acrobat, Adobe Reader, as well as standalone applications.

Adobe Reader

Download free Adobe Reader 8 software and get related documentation and resources.