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Integrating ColdFusion MX with Flex 2

Build a simple application that allows users to read employee data from a database, and allows the user to add new employees.

ADAA 2007: Call for entries

Students – submit your best work to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Top prize is US$5000 in each category.

Winning as a team in Tokyo

Busting through language barriers, the FxUG user group turns developers in Japan and the world on to Flex 2 with the Origami Workshop Application.

Discovering the Fireworks RPC server, Part 2: Debugging techniques and web applications

Test tags and catch errors with a simple debugger panel and review a sample .NET web application that watermarks uploaded images automatically.

Discovering the Fireworks RPC server, Part 1: XML and socket communication

Understand the basic client/server relationship and XML tag structure needed to share custom extensions and other Fireworks functionality across a network.

Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions

Learn how to use the XML features in Flex 2 as you build a label function that returns XML data based on dynamic E4X expressions.

Make money on Nokia S60 and Series 40 Platforms

Start creating and selling your Flash Lite applications and content to millions of Nokia handset users worldwide through the Handango multi-channel distribution network.

Flash Lite 2.1 for Symbian and Windows Mobile now available

Reach more users with your Flash mobile content using the new versions of Flash Lite for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

Adobe Acrobat 8 and barcoded forms (PDF, 1M)

Learn how to capture user-supplied data from printed forms in Acrobat 8 using Adobe 2D barcode technology.

Thirty-minute Flex test-drive for Java developers

Run these short examples that use Flex and Java to see Flex 2 features in action.