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FLVPlayback Component update 1.0.1 changes

TechNote: To handle multiple streams for multiple bandwidths, the VideoPlayer class uses a helper class (NCManager) that supports a subset of SMIL. SMIL is used to identify the location of the video stream, the layout (width and height) of the FLV file, and the source FLV files that correspond to the different bandwidths. It can also be used to specify the bit rate and duration of the FLVfile. For more information see “Using an SMIL file”

Issues streaming second FLV from Flash Media Server

TechNote: A second Flash Video (FLV) file served from a Flash Media Server fails to play, even though a FLV has already played correctly.

SeekBar or VolumeBar fails in custom FLVPlayback skin

TechNote: Developers who have created their own custom skins for FLVPlayback component may experience a failure in certain situations.

If both the SeekBar (“seekBarProgress_mc”) and the VolumeBar (“volumeBar_mc”) are used in the custom UI skin and there are other UI Components on stage (such as Button or CheckBox), the SeekBar or the VolumeBar will fail.

Flash Player detection failure with websites that use VBScript detection

TechNote: Websites that use VBScript detection for Flash Player may fail in Microsoft Internet Explorer with an error message similar to this: You either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia’s Flash Player.

QuickTime objects do not display in Internet Explorer after converting page in Dreamweaver 8.0.2

TechNote: After converting a page for active content in Dreamweaver 8.0.2, QuickTime movies do not display when viewed in Internet Explorer. Instead, a QuickTime placeholder appears. QuickTime movies display correctly in other browsers. (Ref. 207348)

Dreamweaver 8 for Windows loses FTP login settings

TechNote (updated): Some Windows users are reporting that their FTP usernames and passwords in their Dreamweaver site definitions are deleted when they close and re-open Dreamweaver 8 or when they reboot their machine. This issue does not occur in earlier versions of Dreamweaver. (Ref. 205051)

Dreamweaver writes full path to Access database table in data source code when using ColdFusion MX 7.0.1

TechNote: When creating a recordset using a Microsoft Access database and ColdFusion MX 7.0.1, the full physical path to the database table is written in the data source, instead of just the database table name. If the full physical path to the database is different on the server than it is on the Dreamweaver development machine, the SQL query will fail.

Dreamweaver 8 does not launch

TechNote: Some users are reporting that Dreamweaver 8 does not launch. The common characteristic is that the splash screen appears momentarily, then the application closes. Some users report being able to launch Dreamweaver 8 two or three times before experiencing the problem, while some users were never able to launch Dreamweaver 8. (Ref. 201530)

Document-relative paths to Flash objects in locked regions fail to resolve in child pages after converting template for active content

TechNote: If you have a template that has active content (for example Flash Player content) in a locked region, and you convert the template for active content in Dreamweaver 8.0.2, the document-relative path to the active content is incorrect in the child pages of the template. For example, in the template child page, the document relative path to the SWF file should be myobject.swf, but instead the path is ../myobject.swf.

Flash Player MSI installation will fail on machines that don’t have administrative privileges

TechNote: The Flash Player MSI will install correctly when distributed on machines where all logged in users have administrative privileges. The installation will fail with the following error message on machines where the logged in user does not have administrative privileges.