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E-mail reminders for courses sent with subject line: “You are enrolled in: Name”

TechNote: Course enrollees receive e-mail reminders with a subject line: “You are enrolled in: Name.” Normally, the e-mail reminder subject should contain the name of the course in which a user is enrolled.

Breeze Presenter playback controls are not functioning

TechNote: Breeze presenter playback controls (play, pause, forward, back, etc.) do not work when you click them. Additionally, the following tooltip pops up when the presentation is loaded: “Click to activate and use this control”

No such interface supported error when trying to use Design view in HomeSite 4.5

TechNote: A “No such interface supported” error occurs when trying to use Design view in HomeSite 4.5 and below. This occurs whether you click the Design tab or choose View > Toggle Edit/Design.

Converting a HomeSite trial version to a full version

TechNote: To convert a trial version of HomeSite to a full version, you need to uninstall the trial before installing the full version.

Active content not displayed in browser after converting page in Dreamweaver 8.0.2

TechNote: In Dreamweaver 8.0.2, after creating a new page with active content (for example, Flash Player content) or after converting an existing page with active content, the active content does not display when the page is uploaded to the server and viewed in a web browser. This problem is page-specific.

Dreamweaver 8 does not fully rendering large files in Design view on Macintosh

TechNote: Some users are reporting that when they open certain large files in Design view in Dreamweaver 8 on the Macintosh, Dreamweaver does not render the complete page. This typically results in the last section of the page being missing or cut off. This problem does not occur in earlier versions of Dreamweaver. (Ref. 201845)

List arithmetic fails for long lists

TechNote: If you have a Lingo linear list that has 32768 or more entries then any attempts to perform list arithmetic will corrupt the list data.

Creating a link to a PDF file by browsing to file does not work

TechNote: Creating a link to a PDF file by browsing to the file writes an incorrect link. While inserting a link to a .PDF file by browsing to the file, the document opens in Acrobat Reader not in the preview window. When you click the OK button, the link inserted is to the parent directory of the document (not to the .PDF document).

Can’t install Dreamweaver 8 updaters for Windows after canceling updater installer

TechNote: When installing the Dreamweaver 8 updaters (8.0.1 or 8.0.2) for Windows, if you cancel the update installation in the middle of the installation process, you cannot install the updater in the future. If you try to install the updater at a later time, the updater installer appears to complete successfully, but when you launch Dreamweaver, it’s not the updated version. (Ref. 203720)

Server-side parameters have incorrect capitalization after active content conversion

TechNote: When Dreamweaver 8.0.2 converts server-side files to include the active content fix, some server-side parameters may have incorrect capitalization after conversion.