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ActiveX content does not load automatically in Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)

TechNote: When you view a web page, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows displays a box around ActiveX content and a tooltip which reads “Click to activate and use this control.” ActiveX content may or may not play as expected.

Registration error message appears when launching Authorware 7

TechNote: When restricted users try to access Macromedia Authorware 7.0, they get an error: “Encountered an unknown error while trying to run the registration program ‘Contact.exe’ “.

TimeOut errors when downloading Xtras and files in Authorware Web Player 2004

TechNote: TimeOut errors are encountered by users when trying to view Authorware web pieces using the Authorware Web Player, version 2004. This happens while the piece is loading (the progress/status bar is shown), and downloading files/Xtras that are needed by the Authorware piece.

General Xtras handling information for Authorware web player 2004

TechNote: This TechNote provides information about how the version 2004 player works with Xtras.

Linked media fails behind proxy server

TechNote: If a Macromedia Authorware piece links to media via a URL (for example, mediapath :=, the media will fail to appear on computers that are set up to use a proxy sever.