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Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6.0 does not require Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2

(TechNote) As of February 6, 2007, the Connect Enterprise Server 6 Installation and Configuration Guide in the “Software requirements for Connect Enterprise Server” table states that Connect 6.0 requires either “Microsoft Windows Server 2000, or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2”. This is an error, and will be fixed in the install guide.

How to modify email templates

(TechNote) Connect (formerly known as Breeze) has a variety of email notifications that it can and will send to users. Email notifications can be sent for Meeting invitations, forgotten password emails, Event invitations, Event login instructions, Course enrollment, and more.

All of these types of email notifications have default templates that can be modified to suit the purposes of the Administrator.

How to update Breeze/Connect for changes in Daylight Savings Time 2007

(TechNote) Breeze and Connect are Java applications that depend on the Sun Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for their time information. Because of this, the new US Daylight Savings Time changes for 2007 will affect Breeze and Connect Enterprise servers.

Restricting access to the Acrobat Connect Enterprise Manager

(TechNote) There are cases where the Acrobat Connect administrator may want to restrict access to the Enterprise Manager. The Manager is already secured by requiring credentials (loginID and password) to login to the webapp, but additional security can be configured by limiting access to the webapp by IP address (or host name).

“Request not processed” when opening a meeting room with credentials that have expired

(TechNote) There is a known issue where, if a Connect 6 or Breeze 5 login ID has an expired password and the user tries to enter a meeting room using the same login ID, they will get a “request not processed” error instead of the please-change-your-password page.

A “No Server Available” message appears when accessing meetings

(TechNote) Attempting to access any Breeze meetings results in a “No Server Available. Your meeting cannot be launched because there is no server available. For further assistance, please check out the Breeze support center or contact Breeze support” message.

Windows Internet Explorer error message received when publishing content to Breeze

(TechNote) When a customer attempts to publish any kind of content to Breeze, they run into a Windows Internet Explorer error: “Cannot find []. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct.” However, the content will continue to publish successfully.

Applying an upgraded license.txt file to the Breeze server with a post-5.1 SP2 patch does not work

(TechNote) Applying upgraded license.txt files to Breeze servers after the application of post-5.1 SP2 patches results in a “This field is not in the specified range.” error message in the Breeze License Settings page.

Redirecting from the Breeze login page

(TechNote) Customers who implement Single Sign On (SSO) may require a way to redirect their users away from the Breeze login page to their authentication portal or application.

Intel Macs experience problems with the Share Pod in Breeze

(TechNote) Macintosh computers with Intel-based CPUs will experience problems while trying to share a document or their screen via the Breeze Meeting Add-In under Mac OSX (native or Rosetta mode).