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Position of content in text entry boxes shift when opening Macromedia Captivate projects in Adobe Captivate 2

(TechNote) When you upgrade a project from Macromedia Captivate to Adobe Captivate 2, interactive objects such as the text entry boxes change. This can include the x,y position of the box, the font, and text size.

Opening a corrupted Adobe Captivate project

(TechNote) Your project file is corrupted and will not open.
An Adobe Captivate project file can become corrupted for any number of reasons. Listed below are the most common causes of Adobe Captivate file corruption:

* Editing a project on a network drive or network location.
* Closing Adobe Captivate improperly.
* Using an older version of Adobe Captivate (for example, Macromedia Captivate).
* Copying and pasting of objects/slides in an older version of Adobe Captivate.
* Using Adobe Captivate on a system that does not at least equal the system requirements.

Reinstall Adobe Captivate cleanly

(TechNote) You can solve various problems in Adobe Captivate by reinstalling the application.

Narration is not exported to Flash from Adobe Captivate 2

(TechNote) When you export to Flash (FLA) from Adobe Captivate 2, the recorded narration is not exported with the project.

On2 FLV file fails to playback

(TechNote) FLV file encoded with the On2 codec imported into an Adobe Captivate 2 project fails to playback.

Introducing Adobe Captivate 2: Changing the way you author interactive content

Branching simulations, content libraries, and moreā€”see what’s in store in the new release.

ActiveX content does not load automatically in Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)

TechNote: When you view a web page, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows displays a box around ActiveX content and a tooltip which reads “Click to activate and use this control.” ActiveX content may or may not play as expected.

Submitting Tips and Tricks for the Developer Center

Follow these guidelines for creating demos, and your content might appear in the Developer Center.

High-Definition Web Demos with Captivate, Flash, and Flash Media Server

Use this solution to synchronize your content and produce high-quality web demos.

Enable Breeze tracking with Captivate content

(TechNote) How do I enable Breeze tracking with my Captivate content?