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Error log files, such as err.log, err.log.stack, out.log, are not created when CPS is first installed

TechNote: After a clean installation of Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server (CPS), an Administrator might notice the log files are not created. The expected log files are err.log, err.log.stack and out.log.

Simple File Deployment service does not work with FTP

TechNote: The Simple File Deployment service in Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) does not work if the path for the staging and live servers use FTP.

MPSB05-08 Contribute Publishing Server Password Encryption

(Security Bulletin) Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) 1.11 includes a security update which addresses an issue related to user password encryption in connection keys that use shared FTP login credentials.

Backing up Contribute Publishing Services (CPS)

TechNote: Backing up an installation of Macromedia Contribute Publishing Services (CPS) is useful, especially if you must install CPS on another server. This TechNote lists the files to back up for CPS.

CPS: Configuration of Authentication Type in CPS

TechNote: This TechNote describes the options for authentication configuration of Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server.

Determining version information for Contribute Publishing Services

TechNote: Use either of the following methods to determine which version of Contribute Publishing Services (CPS) is installed. Knowing which version is installed is important when considering the CPS update.