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Unable to apply styles and formatting to page in Contribute

TechNote: Style options, including the Bold and Italic buttons, are not available while editing pages in Macromedia Contribute.

Contribute 3.11 installation fails with ‘package parameter not supported’ error

TechNote: When installing Macromedia Contribute 3.11 on a Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system, some customers may see this error:
“package” parameter not supported

Publishing a file does not include dependent images when multiple users connect to the site with different URLs

TechNote: In a scenario where one Macromedia Contribute user sends a draft for review to another Contribute user who publishes the page, you notice that images or other dependent files were not uploaded during the publishing process.

More drafts than expected are listed in the Pages panel in Contribute

TechNote: Users in an Administrator role or a custom role that receives drafts to be reviewed and published might notice a large number of drafts appearing in the Pages panel.

Contribute does not support FTPS (FTP over SSL)

TechNote: Macromedia Contribute is not able to connect to a server using the FTPS method (FTP over the SSL protocol). Contribute does support SFTP connection over an SSH2-protected network.

Cannot find Guard Page when administrating a site in Contribute

TechNote: When accessing the Administer Websites dialog box for a given site in Macromedia Contribute, you see an error indicating that a guard page could not be found. Also, in the Web Server category of the Administer Websites dialog box for that site, you see the same error if you click Find Guard Page in the Guard Page tab.

Cannot create a copy in Contribute of a frameset web page

TechNote: If you choose to create a page based on a frameset web page in Macromedia Contribute, in the New Page dialog box, the Copy of current Page option is dimmed and the following message appears: You cannot create a copy of a page that contains a frameset.

Unable to browse in Contribute to create a link to files other than web pages

TechNote: Creating a link to a file that is not a web page or an image fails in Contribute if you use the Browse button in the Browse tab of the Insert Link dialog box (screen shot below). The link text field remains empty, and text added to that field is not retained once you click OK. This only happens to users on a Macintosh, and does not happen if linking to an image or a web page.

Sidebar missing from Contribute interface

TechNote: The sidebar and the expand/collapse button is not visible in Macromedia Contribute. Using the keyboard shortcut “F4” does not force the sidebar to re-appear.

Browsing to a page that requires user authentication freezes Contribute

TechNote: When you create a connection in Macromedia Contribute on a Macintosh, Contribute freezes if you use the mini-browser (click ‘Browse’ inside the Connection Assistant) to access a web page that requires user authentication.