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List arithmetic fails for long lists

TechNote: If you have a Lingo linear list that has 32768 or more entries then any attempts to perform list arithmetic will corrupt the list data.

The timeoutLapsed property always returns zero

TechNote: After specifying a timeoutScript and a timeoutLength, if the user goes inactive for the amount of time specified and the timeoutScript is called, all attempts to check the timeoutLapsed property return a value of zero instead of the amount of time elapsed since the last user interaction.

ActiveX content does not load automatically in Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)

TechNote: When you view a web page, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows displays a box around ActiveX content and a tooltip which reads “Click to activate and use this control.” ActiveX content may or may not play as expected.

The Role of Director in Designing the Halo 2 Interface

See how the user interface designer at Bungie Studios used Director to prototype the Xbox game Halo 2.

Bug fixes for Director and Shockwave versions 10.x.x

TechNote (updated): Updated with issues list fixed by Director MX 2004 and Shockwave Player version

Calling setPref() from JavaScript syntax crashes Director, Shockwave Player

TechNote: Calling the player object’s setPref() method, _player.setPref() , from within JavaScript syntax crashes Macromedia Director, its projectors and the Shockwave Player.

Supported URL schemes in Director

TechNote: This TechNote lists the supported URL schemes that work with Macromedia Director and Shockwave Player movies.

QuickTime VR playback fails on Windows when using the QuickTime 7 player

TechNote: QuickTime Virtual Reality (VR) content included in a Macromedia Director movie may fail on Windows when using the QuickTime 7 player.

Projector crashes when QuickTime 7 is used

TechNote: Windows projectors created using Macromedia Director may crash when launched on machines that have QuickTime Player version 7 installed.

QuickTime 7 Support in Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player

TechNote (updated): The QuickTime Asset Xtra found in both Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player fails to properly detect the presence of the public beta release of Apple’s QuickTime 7 for Windows, causing error messages that the Xtra is missing or failed to initialize properly.