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Director and Shockwave support for Flash Player 8 SWF files

TechNote: Users of Macromedia Director MX 2004 are unable to import and properly use Flash 8-authored Macromedia Flash Player movies (SWF files) published for Flash Player 8.

Macintosh Xtras from Windows version of Director MX 2004

The Macintosh Xtras that should be placed in an external Xtras folder are different from the separated resource and data fork Xtra files provided by the Windows version of Director.

MoviePath does not display when in safe player mode

TechNote: Displaying the value of the moviePath or _movie.path in Shockwave movies or in projectors that are set to safePlayer results in an empty string.

QuickTime 7 Support in Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player

TechNote: The QuickTime Asset Xtra found in both Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player fails to properly detect the presence of QuickTime 7 for Windows although it is installed.

Creating Bitmaps with Alpha Channels for Your Director Projects

(Developer Center) Add alpha channels for transparent Flash applications, Director bitmap sprites, and Shockwave 3D overlays.