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How one person developed the Edge

Learn the CSS behind the new redesign of the Edge newsletter.

Building your first CSS site

Get pointers on how to move from building table-based websites to building CSS sites.

When saving files Dreamweaver always shows the Save As Template prompt

(TechNote) When you try to save a non-template file (for example, a .html file), Dreamweaver always shows the Save As Template dialog box.

This usually means that your non-template file contains Dreamweaver template markup tags. This can occur if you saved a template file (a .dwt file) as a .htm file (or .php, .asp, etc.). This is not the correct way to create a new page from a template.

Protecting ASP JavaScript server behaviors from SQL injection vulnerability

(TechNote) Some databases let you send multiple SQL statements in a single query. Because of this, there are potential security risks when you pass parameters in a query string to a dynamically generated database query. Hackers might try to modify URL or form variables in a dynamic query by appending malicious SQL statements to existing parameters. This is often referred to as a SQL injection attack. Some of the server behavior code created by Dreamweaver should be modified to reduce the risk of SQL injection attacks. For more background information on SQL injection, see this Wikipedia article.

Debugging JSP pages

(TechNote) Debugging Methods
There are several different approaches to choose from when debugging JSP pages. For example, the error.jsp page can be used to capture runtime exceptions. However, other methods of debugging are also available. In some cases, a different strategy may prove to be more useful.

Macintosh installation stops with 190 items left to install

(TechNote) When you install Dreamweaver 8 on a Macintosh system, the installation stalls with “190 items left to install”. At that point, the installation process searches the Macintosh hard drive and hangs.

Framesets cannot be previewed when the testing server is remote

(TechNote) View > Live Data, or Preview In Browser, do not function if the Testing Server category of the Dreamweaver site definition is set to anything but “none”. Depending on what types of pages you have in your frameset, you will see one of these two warnings pop-up in Dreamweaver when you try to go into Live Data view or Preview In Browser.

If you run Preview in Browser on a frameset, then this message displays:

Framesets cannot be previewed when the testing server is remote. Would you like to preview the frameset locally?

If your frameset consists of server-side files (e.g. ASP files) and you run View > Live Data, then this message displays:

The testing server did not execute any of the scripts in your document. Possible explanations include:

1) The testing server is not running.
2) The testing server ignores files with the “.asp” file extension.
3) Your document does not contain any scripts.

Dreamweaver 8 for Windows loses FTP login settings

(TechNote) Some Windows users are reporting that their FTP usernames and passwords in their Dreamweaver site definitions are deleted when they close and re-open Dreamweaver 8 or when they reboot their machine. This issue does not occur in earlier versions of Dreamweaver.

Red exclamation marks appear in Server Behaviors panel

(TechNote – update) You may occasionally see red exclamation marks ( ! ) next to the items in your Server Behaviors panel. For example, if you create a recordset or an Insert Record server behavior and then change the database connection, you may see a red exclamation mark. Or if you make manual modifications to the server behavior code blocks, you may also see red exclamation marks.

How to put a search and results page set on the same page

(TechNote – update) A common question among Dreamweaver users is how to create a search page that displays the results of the search on the search page instead of on another page. There are many different ways to implement a search that displays the results on the same page. This TechNote demonstrates one possible solution using the ASP server model. Because this example uses the Dreamweaver visual interface, the steps below also apply to the other server models supported by Dreamweaver (ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET and JSP).