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Lessons learned from the Fireworks to XAML Exporter

Create Fireworks extensions by learning about tools that reduce repetitive tasks and speed your understanding of the Fireworks Object Model.

Discovering the Fireworks RPC server, Part 2: Debugging techniques and web applications

Test tags and catch errors with a simple debugger panel and review a sample .NET web application that watermarks uploaded images automatically.

Discovering the Fireworks RPC server, Part 1: XML and socket communication

Understand the basic client/server relationship and XML tag structure needed to share custom extensions and other Fireworks functionality across a network.

Creating Flash-Based Slideshows with Fireworks

Create a slideshow with the Fireworks Album Creator extension and extend it easily to customize the Flash-based output.

Uninstalling Studio 8 applications on Windows

TechNote: The default method of uninstalling a Studio 8 application does not automatically remove the user preferences and configuration files.

Removing Image Backgrounds with Fireworks

Leverage the latest features in Fireworks to remove both simple and complex image backgrounds quickly.

Distributing files in volume license environments

TechNote: When automating product installation in volume license environments, special action is required to distribute files that disable product activation and registration.

This information applies to the following Macromedia products from Adobe: Studio 8, Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8 and Contribute 3.x.

Installing Studio 8 Windows products over a network

TechNote: This TechNote covers various ways that customers can deploy the Windows versions of certain Adobe products to workstations over a network. These instructions pertain to former Macromedia products that use the Windows Installer (also known as MSI). These include Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8, Fireworks 8 and Contribute 3/3.1, in addition to Studio 8.

CSS pop-up menus are not supported in Internet Explorer 5 on Macintosh

TechNote: When CSS is used in Fireworks 8 for the appearance of pop-up menus, the parent menu’s text is visible thru the submenu’s background when previewed or viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 on Mac OS X.

Image rollovers do not export as CSS

TechNote: After choosing CSS Layers for the export option when exporting a Macromedia Fireworks 8 file that includes simple rollovers (buttons), the simple rollovers do not work. The resulting HTML page contains only the “up” image(s).