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Simple text editing to CSS Popup menus in Dreamweaver will not roundtrip properly with Fireworks

TechNote: Simple text/code edits made to CSS-derived Pop-up Menus (image-based or code-based) in Macromedia Dreamweaver will not be preserved in Macromedia Fireworks.

Various layer blend modes in Fireworks 8 do not remain editable in Flash 8

TechNote: Designers may find out that some blend modes created in Macromedia Fireworks 8 are automatically flattened on objects such as bitmaps and vectors upon import into Macromedia Flash 8.

Pop-up menu are not displayed correctly in Safari while doing round tripping

TechNote: After round tripping a file containing pop-up menus between Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Fireworks, the Safari browser will not show the updates even though the HTML code reflects the changes.

How to uninstall Fireworks 8 on a Mac OS X computer

TechNote: Describes two methods for uninstalling Fireworks 8 on the Mac.

Blend modes do not display properly within a symbol

TechNote: After a user adds blend modes such as Screen, Multiply, and Fuzzy Light to objects within a symbol, Macromedia Fireworks 8 does not retain the blends properly on the canvas after exiting the Symbol Editor. This happens whether the objects are bitmaps or vectors.

Fireworks 8 Frequently Asked Questions

TechNote: Frequently asked questions about Fireworks 8

Switching languages in Fireworks 8

TechNote: With the release of Fireworks 8 there is now a single installer for all languages. At the time of installation Fireworks 8 will detect the language your system is currently using and will match Fireworks 8 to that language.

Replace Color tool is not functioning with white, gray and black

TechNote: When using the Replace Color tool to replace white, gray or black in a bitmap, most colors will not affect these areas of the bitmap when the colorize option is deselected in the Properties panel.

Old JavaScript based pop-up menus do not convert to the new CSS version in Fireworks 8

TechNote: Opening a document containing a pop-up menu created in a version of Fireworks older than Fireworks 8 does not update the old JavaScript-based pop-up menu system to the current CSS pop-up menu format available in Fireworks 8.

Retain a button’s rollover state while rolling over a pop-up menu

TechNote: When the user moves the cursor over a button in a navigation menu in a web browser, the button swaps out the “up” state image and replaces it with the “over” state image. If there is a pop-up menu attached to the button and the user rolls over the pop-up menu, the button with the pop-up menu behavior then swaps back to the “up” state even though the pop-up menu is part of the button’s behaviors.