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Creating web photo galleries in ActionScript for use with Adobe digital imaging software

Use the Adobe Media Gallery XML specification and open source gallery code to customize Flash-based digital photo and video albums.

Total Training videos: Scripting basics in Flash Professional 8

Watch these videos to get up to speed on creating actions, coding buttons, and using behaviors in Flash.

Flash content displays on top of all DHTML layers

(TechNote – update) A Flash movie in a layer on a DHTML page containing several layers may display above all the layers, regardless of the stacking order (“z-index”) of those layers.

By default, browsers place embedded plug-in content, such as a Flash movie or Java applet, on the topmost layer. In older browsers attempts to place a DHTML layer on top of a Flash layer would fail. Newer browsers add the ability to layer Flash content with DHTML content and in some cases the ability to use transparent backgrounds in the Flash content.

Developing Flash websites using progressive enhancement

Learn how to create Flash experiences that are visible for search engines and accessible to the biggest target audience possibl

Selecting a Flash 8 video encoder

Compare different encoding software to find what’s most appropriate for your Flash video needs.

Top 10 reasons to attend MAX 2006 in Las Vegas

MAX 2006 offers the Adobe community an unprecedented opportunity to learn about Adobe software, interact with industry experts, connect with peers, and have lots of fun.

Creating self-voicing puzzles in Flash

Make games accessible outside the browser by relying on system-level voices instead of screen readers.b

From FITC: Colin Moock interviews Mike Downey, Flash product manager

Two Flash experts discuss the Adobe merger, Flash, Adobe Labs, and Flex in these four videos.

Guidelines for rich Internet application development

Learn from the pros by applying Fluid’s best-practice development tactics to your own work.

Exploring the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview

Get up to speed on the next version of Flash – now available in Adobe Labs – which includes extended capabilities and support for ActionScript 3.0.