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Outbound service requests queue up and come back in groups of ten

(TechNote) Some Flash Media Server applications use Flash Remoting, plain HTTP or web services to receive information from external systems. When the external service responds slowly (> 5 sec) and if Flash Media Server applications make extensive use of calling external services, this may result in a problem as requests seem to queue up and are returned in groups of ten. This may cause long queues and cause slow end user experience.

Creating a video player using the state design pattern and ActionScript 3.0

Learn about design patterns from this simple state machine that starts and stops a video, and then adapt it to run on Flash Media Server 2 by adding more states and player controls.

Flash Media Server does not start after successful installation on RedHat Linux

(TechNote) In some cases, Flash Media Server does not start up correctly although there were no errors during the installation and there are no errors in the log files because the server is not yet in a state where sufficiently verbose logging can occur.

Implementing a dual-threshold buffering strategy in Flash Media Server

Achieve fast start times for streaming video while maintaining resilience to bandwidth fluctuations.

Manipulating web services with Flash Media Server

Learn to use web services in Flash Media Server 2 to interface with complex result sets.

Using Remote Methods with Flash Media Server

Go beyond Flash video streaming by invoking remote methods on the server or another client.

Flash Media Server 2.0.1 released

(Product update) Macromedia Flash Media Server 2.01

MPSB05-09 Security Patch for Insufficient Validation in Flash Communication Server

(Security Bulletin) Flash Communication Server MX does not sufficiently validate some RTMP data. This can cause server instability or crashes.

Enhanced Seek appears not to work with Flash Communication Server 1.5 and VP6

(TechNote) The enhanced seek option in Flash Communication Server MX 1.5 appears to not work with FLVs encoded with Flash 8 / VP6 video codec.

Flash 8 FLVPlayback component support for Video Streaming with Flash Communication Server and Flash Media Server

(TechNote) The Flash 8 Professional authoring tool includes a new component for playing back Flash Video assets. This new component, FLVPlayback, supports progressive download video as well as streaming video via Flash Communication Server MX and Flash Media Server 2. The FLVPlayback component doesn’t work as MediaPlayback component in Flash MX 2004 used to for streaming video. It requires additional configuration for streaming video.