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Issues with RTMP tunneling through proxy servers

(TechNote) Flash Communication Server uses the RTMP protocol (Real Time Message Protocol), which is Macromedia’s proprietary TCP/IP protocol for streaming and data services. There are several issues to be aware of when setting up a Proxy Server to allow RTMP connections to tunnel through.

Security error with Flash Player 8 when running Flash Communication Server Admin Console and Application Inspector

(TechNote) Macromedia Flash Player 8 introduced an updated security model and changed default local file access policy. Due to this change, when you run a Flash application from the local file system, you will get a security alert box. This article describes how to configure the Flash Player security settings to avoid this issue.

Peldi’s Coding Cafe: Flash Communication Server Best Practices

(Developer Center) Macromedia engineer Peldi Guilizzoni guides you through building an interactive application with streaming video in this Macrochat.