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Making a simple SWF launcher with Nokia Carbide.c++ IDE

Create a native Nokia installer to open Flash Lite applications.

Make money on Nokia S60 and Series 40 Platforms

Start creating and selling your Flash Lite applications and content to millions of Nokia handset users worldwide through the Handango multi-channel distribution network.

Flash Lite 2.1 for Symbian and Windows Mobile now available

Reach more users with your Flash mobile content using the new versions of Flash Lite for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

Creating SIS files for distribution

Package large, multi-part Flash Lite applications into one installation file for use in Symbian OS devices.

In Labs: Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile 5.0

Expand your target platforms for Flash Lite by trying out this pre-release of Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

Optimizing your content for OTA delivery

Learn how to create Flash Lite content for download through wireless networks.

Quickly create multiple versions of your Flash Lite 1.1 content

Learn what modifications you need to make so that your content runs on a variety of devices.

Optimizing Content for Flash Lite 2.0 (PDF, 125K)

Learn tips and tricks for making your Flash content run efficiently on mobile devices.

Persistent data: Saving user preferences and game scores

Use Flash Lite shared objects so your games remember user information across gaming sessions.

Creating a Flash Lite 1.1 RSS Reader

Use a server-side PHP parser and Flash Lite 1.1 to display RSS feeds on Flash Lite–enabled devices.