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Mobile charting with Flash Lite 2

Minimize data transfer while still performing elegant data visualization on mobile devices with these components.

Creating iRiver U10 games for beginners

Create a game for the iRiver U10 with only a basic understanding of Macromedia Flash and ActionScript.

Tips for developing Flash games for the iRiver U10

Understand the process of migrating Flash desktop content to iRiver U10 devices using Flash Lite 1.1.

Converting Flash content to Flash Lite 1.1

Learn how to convert Flash content created with ActionScript 2.0 to Flash Lite 1.1 content.

Introduction to Animation in Flash Lite 1.1

Learn the basics of creating and optimizing animation in your Flash Lite 1.1 projects.

Loading, Parsing, and Locally Storing XML in Flash Lite 2

Transmit data to and from Flash Lite 2 with XML and store it locally using Flash Lite shared objects.

Thinking About Using Flash Instead of J2ME?

Learn what it takes to build the Flash Lite equivalent of a J2ME app.

Native sound attached to a movieClip will play for only one second

TechNote: Only one second of a native sound plays in the Flash Lite Emulator when attached to a movieClip whose frame playhead stops before the sound has finished playing.

Creating Mobile UI Interfaces for Rich User Experiences Macrochat

(Macrochat) Join Andrea Trento to learn how to create mobile UI interfaces able to grant rich user experiences with Flash Lite. This Macrochat focuses on both technical and design challenges for mobile UI interfaces, as well as helps understand the use of Flash Lite to create engaging user experiences. This session will provide an in-depth exploration of the mobile experience and mobile navigability.

ActionScript syntax for Flash Lite Macrochat (6/14/05)

(Macrochat) Join Macromedia Technical Support Engineer Jonathan Duran for a live discussion of scripting for the Flash Lite player. Returning to Flash 4 ActionScript syntax can be painful after experiencing the flexibility of ActionScript 2.0.