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FlashType text becomes blurry over a transparent image

(TechNote) When FlashType text is drawn to a transparent bitmap using draw() with a transparent background, the text appears blurry.

Troubleshooting Adobe Flash Player for Intel-based Macs

(TechNote) This document provides troubleshooting guidelines for users of Adobe Flash Player and Intel-based Macs. Users can download a public beta of Flash Player 9 (formerly known as Flash Player 8.5) that runs natively on Intel-based Macs.

Introducing Adobe Flash Player 9

Learn about the latest improvements to the ubiquitous player that will power the next generation of rich, engaging online experiences.

BitmapData.draw fails to capture streaming video

(TechNote) If you attempt to use BitmapData.draw to capture a Flash Video file (FLV) streamed from a Flash Media Server on a domain other than the domain in which the current Flash Player movie (SWF) is located, BitmapData.draw will fail to capture imagery from your video.

Flash Player 9 installation fails on Macintosh

(TechNote) Flash Player 9 may fail to install on Macintosh computers if one logged-in user leaves a web browser open, then another user logs in to the same machine and attempts to install Flash Player 9.

Flash Player detection failure with websites that use VBScript detection

TechNote: Websites that use VBScript detection for Flash Player may fail in Microsoft Internet Explorer with an error message similar to this: You either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia’s Flash Player.

Flash Player MSI installation will fail on machines that don’t have administrative privileges

TechNote: The Flash Player MSI will install correctly when distributed on machines where all logged in users have administrative privileges. The installation will fail with the following error message on machines where the logged in user does not have administrative privileges.

Best practices for Flash Player detection

Use the latest detection scripts and Flash Player Express Install to deliver a great Flash viewing experience. (Updated for IE ActiveX changes)

JavaScript Flash Player Detection and Embedding with SWFObject

Learn about a popular alternative method of incorporating Flash Player detection into your website.

Problems running Flash Player ActiveX control after installation when logged in as Restricted User on Windows

TechNote (updated): After successful installation under the Windows Administrator account, Restricted User accounts are unable to display Flash content. This issue has been resolved and new installers have been posted to the download center. The installed version will still be