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Internet Explorer displays a box around Flash content

TechNote: Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows displays a box around Flash content and a tooltip telling the user to click to activate the content. Flash content may or may not play as expected. After clicking within box, the Flash content can receive user input and behaves as expected.

Cause for “A script in this movie is causing Flash Player to run slowly” alert

TechNote (updated): TechNote updated with information specific to AOL users.

Problems running Flash Player ActiveX control after installation when logged in as Restricted User on Windows

TechNote: After successful installation under the Windows Administrator account, Restricted User accounts are unable to display Flash content.

Add or Remove Programs Control Panel will not uninstall updated Flash Player files

TechNote: Selecting “Flash Player Update” for Flash 8 or Flash MX 2004 from the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel will not uninstall the updated Flash Player files from the Players directory.

IT Administrators Flash Player FAQ

TechNote (updated): Updated version information.

Installation issues with Flash Player or and later

TechNote: Recent installer changes may cause certain Flash Player control installation and registration methods to fail.

Detecting Flash Player version information with $version

TechNote (updated): Updated with version information.

What effect does the version have in the codebase attribute of the OBJECT tag?

TechNote (updated): Updated with version information

Version test for Macromedia Flash Player

TechNote (updated): TechNote updated with version information.

How to uninstall the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

TechNote (updated): TechNote has been updated with new uninstallers.