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ActionScript 3.0 overview

Learn how advances in this powerful object-oriented programming language helps developers achieve excellent productivity and performance with content and applications that target Flash Player.

Building an image-viewing widget with ActionScript 3.0

Explore the new capabilities of ActionScript 3.0 by migrating a sample image viewer app from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0.

SimpleButton instances leave rendering artifacts when moved

(TechNote) Sometimes SimpleButton instances, though removed from the display or moved from their original positions, can leave rendering artifacts behind (in the original locations).

Camera, Microphone, other classes retain properties after first SWF loaded

(TechNote) After loading a Flash Player movie (SWF)—which sets certain properties, such as mic.rate—subsequent SWF loads attempting to reset the same properties fail. The initial value set by the loaded SWF remains the default value for the duration of the parent movie.

Unloading from Loader instances does not close net streams

(TechNote) If a Flash Player movie (SWF) is loaded to a Loader instance and unload() is used to remove that instance from the Loader, open net streams within the loaded SWF remain open.

MouseMove events unexpectedly stop functioning

(TechNote) In an ActionScript 3 (AS3) Flash Player movie (SWF), mouseMove events assigned to display objects stop firing when the mouse moves off the display object to which it was assigned. If you drag a display object using the mouseMove event, the mouseMove event may stop functioning if you move the mouse too fast, preventing the object from being dragged until the mouse is moved back over the object.

ActionScript 2 components may fail when loaded into an ActionScript 3 SWF

(TechNote) If you load a Flash Player movie (SWF) containing ActionScript 2 (AS2) components into an ActionScript 3 (AS3) SWF, then unload the SWF containing the original components and load another SWF with AS2 components of the same class, some components may fail.

Links from SWF in HTML page no longer functional

(TechNote) In Flash Player 9, calling getURL (or its ActionScript 3.0 equivalent, navigateToURL) with a window name of “_self,” “_parent,” or “_top” will no longer work when the calling Flash Player movie (SWF) file is located in a different domain than its hosting HTML page, or when the HTML parameter AllowScriptAccess is set to “never.” This may interfere with the abilities of some SWF files to change the web browser location that a user is looking at.

Unable to obtain ID3 tags from MP3s loaded into SWF

(TechNote) In Flash Player 9, the Sound.id3 property is not available when using Sound.loadSound (or its ActionScript 3.0 equivalent, Sound.load) to load an external MP3 file from a different domain than the Flash Player movie (SWF) file unless a policy file exists on the MP3 file’s server. The policy file must permit access by the domain of the SWF that is attempting to read ID3 tag information from the MP3 file.

Operands in file names cause SWF failure in Internet Explorer

(TechNote) Some operations involving JavaScript (such as externalInterface calls) will fail in Microsoft Internet Explorer if the Flash Player movie (SWF) file name contains an operand such as ‘-‘ or ‘/’.