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Scaling a pixel-snapped FlashType is not equivalent to changing the font size

(TechNote) When using FlashType pixel-snapped fonts, the spacing is different if you scale a 12 point font to 200% than if you change the font size to 24 points. in SWF file fails

(TechNote) A FileReference instance in a Flash Player movie (SWF) file generates a browse or download dialog box, but after choosing the file and submitting, nothing happens. The dialog box and listener events do not fire.

getBytesLoaded fails for MP3s over HTTP server using chunked encoding

(TechNote) When loading MP3s from an HTTP server using chunked encoding, getBytesLoaded will always return a value of zero.

Progress Bar does not show gradual progress in Flash Player 9

(TechNote) The ActionScript 2.0 Progress Bar component should gradually grow from 0% to 100% to reflect how much content has been loaded. In Flash Player 9, the Progress Bar will stay at 0%, then suddenly jump to 100% after all content is loaded.

FLVPlayback Component update 1.0.1 changes

TechNote: To handle multiple streams for multiple bandwidths, the VideoPlayer class uses a helper class (NCManager) that supports a subset of SMIL. SMIL is used to identify the location of the video stream, the layout (width and height) of the FLV file, and the source FLV files that correspond to the different bandwidths. It can also be used to specify the bit rate and duration of the FLVfile. For more information see “Using an SMIL file”

Issues streaming second FLV from Flash Media Server

TechNote: A second Flash Video (FLV) file served from a Flash Media Server fails to play, even though a FLV has already played correctly.

SeekBar or VolumeBar fails in custom FLVPlayback skin

TechNote: Developers who have created their own custom skins for FLVPlayback component may experience a failure in certain situations.

If both the SeekBar (“seekBarProgress_mc”) and the VolumeBar (“volumeBar_mc”) are used in the custom UI skin and there are other UI Components on stage (such as Button or CheckBox), the SeekBar or the VolumeBar will fail.

Automating tasks with JavaScript Flash

Use new JSFL objects and methods for advanced customization and extensibility of the Flash authoring environment.

Adding 3D to Flash projects using After Effects

Spruce up your Flash projects by rotating graphics in 2D or 3D space.

Building applications with the Sync SWF SDK – Part 1: Interactive Breeze meetings

Incorporate interactive, multi-user Flash applications into Breeze meetings.