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Flex 2: Unable to compile PhotoViewer sample application

(TechNote) After downloading the PhotoViewer sample application source code (, you may receive compilation errors such as “Unable to resolve a class for ResourceBundle: strings”.

Integrating Flex Charting 2 and Nitobi Grid with FABridge (Dec 4)

Use these technologies together to build a dashboard application that visualizes enterprise data and brings users closer to a desktop experience.

Winning as a team in Tokyo

Busting through language barriers, the FxUG user group turns developers in Japan and the world on to Flex 2 with the Origami Workshop Application.

Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions

Learn how to use the XML features in Flex 2 as you build a label function that returns XML data based on dynamic E4X expressions.

Thirty-minute Flex test-drive for Java developers

Run these short examples that use Flex and Java to see Flex 2 features in action.

Using Flex with Spring

Learn how to use Flex with one of the most popular Java frameworks to make your components loosely coupled.

Missing context-root causes resource not found error

(TechNote) Flex application, using Flex Data Services and RPC services (RemoteObject, WebService, HTTPService), fails to run and the following message appears in the server’s log:

10/26 12:29:10 error Requested resource ‘/messagebroker/http’ (%2fmessagebroker%2fhttp) not found

Total Training videos: Introducing Adobe Flex 2

Watch these videos to learn more about how you can use Adobe Flex to help you build effective, interactive RIAs.

Flex Data Services 2: How to use subtopics in messaging applications

(TechNote) This TechNote describes how to use subtopics with producers and consumers in Flex Data Services 2 messaging applications, and provides a sample to demonstrate the configuration steps as well as a simple working code example.

Flex 2: ComboBox Prompt Property

(TechNote) Setting the prompt property on the ComboBox lets the user know a choice can be made. But, once a choice has been selected from the drop-list, it is not possible to put the ComboBox back into a “pre-selection” state.